Business cards are not a dead art. Every time you go to a conference or a convention, ready to let potential clients or colleagues know you are a capable professional, you are probably equipped with a business card. Now, there are a variety of business card scanners on the market, there are ways to make other people s business cards into a valuable business opportunity. Not by letting them pile up in a corner of your desk drawer, but by putting them into your computer in an organized fashion.

Business card readers usually connect to Microsoft Office, which will enable you to create a spreadsheet of your contacts. As a professional, however, there is more to consider about a business card and what it says about your contacts.

A working professional s article on,  4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Business Card,  the site makes the point that  a well-organized and aesthetically appealing business card can make a better impression than any website address or social media account, which can easily be lost in translation.  Even though the importance of social media is not in doubt, the impression that an extra gesture like a business card can make is invaluable.

Having your own specific list of contacts is a more organized way of keeping track of your business associates than a social media account. You will not be needlessly inundated with promotions for whatever business they work for, as often happens if your primary point of contact is social media. You will simply have the contact information of people, and if you need to get in touch with them, there will be no need to join a social media outlet to do so.

Finding a card scanning solution that will fit what kind of business cards or documents your colleagues or associates give you is essential. You do not want to get a product that makes you unhappy. Plenty of business card scanner reviews can help you become well informed of the choices. There are scanners that only provide card scanning, and others that read papers such as receipts.

There is also your type of computer to consider. If you use a Mac, generally the options are much more limited. For a PC, there are tons of choices. Almost all scanners are powered on USB, and weigh little enough to make them very portable. If you use a laptop and frequently change locations, then purchasing a lightweight one is probably in your best interest.

Like any professional, keeping your colleagues and clients in mind for your business decisions should be on your mind. If you interact in the working world with people who speak languages other than English, and give you business cards or contact information in other languages, getting a scanner with a variety of translation options is a great idea.

Many scanners also read print in color, so consider whether or not most of the cards you obtain are more standard or if you should get one with color capabilities.

Business card scanners are great for any professional with a variety of contacts to keep track of. Give yourself a step up in organizing them and get one for your office needs.

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