Your laptop can be your constant companion throughout the day. You may use this portable computing device for work, fun or school. With so many uses, it is crucial that you keep your laptop at its best to experience its highest performance. By following a few basic steps, your computing device will last longer and you won’t have to deal with a handful of maintenance issues.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Money

To keep a laptop healthy, it may require a little extra from your pocketbook. First, be willing to spend money on antivirus software. You never know when a file you download or an internet site you visit will contain a bug that will crash your computer. Taking the time to find a strong security software application will help you avoid a slow and sluggish laptop and will keep your computer healthy.

The system hardware is not the only thing to protect on your laptop. Purchasing a protective case for your laptop not only increases its portability, but it also keeps your laptop’s exterior free from scratches and protects it from extreme temperatures and liquids or other materials that may be spilled on it. There is an assortment of these cases available, so you can find one that best fits your style.

The Screen is Everything

You can easily damage your display monitor without any thought. By simply shutting the computer with a pencil or other item sitting on the keyboard, or even closing the laptop too hard, you can cause extensive damage to your display. Make sure your keyboard is clear of objects when shutting your laptop, and remember to keep your keyboard keys clean. You don’t want dirt particles transferring from the keyboard to your display screen.

Avoid Jamming and Cramming

Don’t try to force any drives into their slots. If you do so, you may jam the device and cause significant damage to the computer. Insert drives carefully and avoid putting anything in the wrong drive, upside down or at an angle. Take the time to insert drives correctly. It will save you a lot of hassle and many headaches if you do.

Avoid the Heat and the Cold

Be cautious about the laptop’s temperature. Extreme temperatures can cause serious damage to your battery. For example, don’t ever leave your laptop in your car. The summer heat and the winter cold are both serious problems that can quickly kill your battery. A good rule of thumb is to store your laptop in temperatures ranging between 40–95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Your laptop is an important piece of equipment, and it is crucial for you to be mindful of all your actions around this computing device. Avoid eating or drinking when you use the computer. It is easy to spill or drop food on it, and accidents do happen. Don’t place anything heavy on top of the laptop, and make sure you don’t force your laptop into a bag filled with heavy books, which can crush the device. Remember also to avoid using your computer near pools or other large bodies of water. One slip or other mishap and you can say goodbye to your laptop computer and all the files on your hard drive, unless you have backups.

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