We got the opportunity to look at a type of software that we have not reviewed before; this software is designed to communicate between your computer and your inkjet printer to help you reduce the amount of ink you use for printing. This software is called Inkgard by iProlog Corporation.

What Inkgard does is allow you to adjust the level of savings you desire for specific types of print jobs, for example in a high color print job you set the savings to 20 percent and it will in a sense tell your printer to disperse fewer color drops or points per area, this greatly reduces overlapping of color. Visually you will notice little difference between a standard color print and a 10 to 20 percent savings print. For simple text print jobs you can easily save 75 percent and still enjoy quality readable prints.

This screenshot images shows the Inkgard main control panel with the preferences window open, here you can set your preferences on how you want images printed.

Standout Features:

  • Can help you save up to 75% in ink cartridge costs
  • Only $9.99 per year for the software
  • Supports all ink cartridge brands
  • Compatible with all inkjet & laser printers
  • Includes a PDF converter

How Inkgard works:
Inkgard technology has the ability to reduce the number of “drops” or color disbursement points without reducing the quality of the image to a great extent. It does this by reducing overlapping, for example without Inkgard your printer may place 20 drops of color to produce a portion of an image, but using Inkgard technology only five drops are placed with reduced overlapping to produce the same image.

Inkgard comes with an easy to use interface that allows you to quickly adjust the level of savings that you want to print. It also has a suggested range, for example you can set the savings high for simple print jobs like the printing of simple work documents or emails. For more complex printing like photographs and graphics, you can set the savings to zero to 20 percent, for some savings while maintaining a high quality print.

This printing software also allows you to set defaults and permissions. By going into the savings policy editor you can set a range of savings and have that policy enforced, you can even add password protection to this policy if you desire. That way you can always maintain a high level of savings while enjoying quality prints without having to worry about adjusting the savings dial every time you print something. You can also set the default for image printing; you can choose images to be JPEG, 256 color bitmap or 16 mi color map. Of course this software also has a handy PDF converter, with this tool you can print to file in PDF or an image format.


75% in yearly ink cartridge costs

Online Inkgard reports that they can save you up to 75% in ink cartridge usage through a year. This savings is estimated on the yearly printing demands of 1000 documents, 200 photographs and 1000 web pages. However, online they have a “gains calculator” that will allow you to enter in your average yearly printing requirements and it will automatically give you your estimated savings results. Keep in mind that the savings estimate is based on ink cartridge use and not printer or paper use.

What is interesting about his product is that it will allow you to adjust your percentage of savings for example, you can adjust the savings to 75% or 50% or 35%, whatever you desire. This savings tool is worth testing; you can test a few print jobs with different percentage levels and then decide what works best for you. You can also adjust the level on the fly so if you want to change it for a particular print job you can.

This Inkgard screenshot image shows the main interface, here you can easily set the level of “savings” that you desire.

Inkgard even includes a “total usage summary,” which keeps track of your usage by the total number of pages printed, checks printed, PDF pages printed and the total number of generated images. The usage summary is displayed in a simple graph or you can choose to see more detail and view usage by printer, user, daily, by the week and more. You can even view you ink savings by the day. We really liked this tool, since it can clearly show you how much ink (money), you are saving by using Inkgard.

Thought Inkgard software works with all ink cartridge types and printers, they do offer low priced ink cartridges on their website if you are interested.

We think Inkgard is well worth trying out if you do a lot of printing, ink cartridges can be expensive and not something you want to have to worry about replacing often. Inkgard can easily help you save up to 20 percent on color prints and 75 percent on simple prints, we cannot think of a single reason as to why anyone would not want to at least test this software out to see exactly how much it can reduce expensive ink cartridges usage.

Inkgard Specifications

9.99 for one year
14.99 for two years

Setup your default savings for all your printing or choose your output options every time you print.

Inkgard works in the background. Whenever something is printed, the Inkgard Control Agent automatically intercepts the print file and processes output to match your savings selections:

  • Minimize supplies waste
  • Save up to 75% on cartridges
  • Maximizes savings while preserving quality
  • Works with any inkjet & laser!
  • Keeps track and control of your savings
  • BONUS: Includes PDF generator

Control your ink & toner usage and save money every time you print!
Choose your ink & toner savings from 0-75% with the innovative "Smart Ink Control" dial. Configure your desired savings just once, or custom-adjust for different print jobs. One cartridge can output as many pages as four equivalent uncontrolled cartridges.

Reducing ink consumption up to 75%

  • Inkgard™ guards against excessive ink and toner waste by eliminating redundant ink drops with intelligent image processing, while maintaining maximum document and/or image print quality.
  • Inkgard™ works in the background to optimize your print files based on your savings setting and document type.
  • For every page printed, the Inkgard Control Agent automatically intercepts the print file and processes the output to achieve your selected savings.

Inkgard™ is the ideal solution for all your home & business printing needs!
The Inkgard™ solution is ideal for home, small businesses, educational, corporate, government, and institutional users. Inkgard™ arrives at a time when home and business consumers are looking to stretch their budget through productivity enhancement while achieving positive environmental strategies.

Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000

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