You identify yourself as a small manufacturer because your business is small. You don t have a warehouse full of expensive equipment. Even if you have a few machines, you may not have the capacity to produce your final product. That s when you send your blueprints to a company that does have the necessary equipment.

Manufacturing anything is a process, and an expensive one at that. You start with the idea, moving to the design, which, after many more steps, makes its way to a large manufacturer to create a prototype. The prototype is then tweaked, perfected and sent back. This back and forth between the small manufacturing company and the large manufacturing company costs some major cash, which isn t even for the final product, just the steps leading to the finale.

Many small business owners have eliminated the back and forth by investing their money, not in heavy machinery, but in a 3D printer.

In an article published by BusinessNewsDaily,  3 Ways 3D Printing Will Change the Way You Do Business,  Roger Chang, a CEO of the small startup company, Pirates3D, said:  A 3D printer gives one the means of production that used to require multimillion-dollar factories. Now, anyone can simply invent a product and start producing it without having to go through expensive tooling and setup costs. 

The best 3D printers will revolutionize the way you run your company. Here s a few ways how:

With 3D printing, you get to make your prototypes in-house, so you don t have to do the back and forth with the manufacturing company. Plus, your prototypes will actually work, including all of the moving parts. This will save a massive amount of time and money, streamline your business, simplify production and increase quality.

Whether you own an automotive shop, your own clothing or jewelry line, have your own bakery, work in the entertainment business, etc., your customers want custom pieces. You can sit down with your client, draw out your design, input the data into your 3D printer and have the piece begin printing right in front of the customer s eyes. This way, they get exactly what they want.

As a small business owner, you may have the idea, but you may not have the capital or investment to make your idea come to fruition.

In the article  5 Ways 3D Printing is Changing Small Business  published on, writer Elizabeth Palermo, speaks with several small business owners, including Pad and Quill, a manufacturing company that creates wood and leather cases for electronic devices, and jewelry artist, Sara Pocius.

Brian Holmes, the CEO of Pad and Quill said that 3D printing helps keep his company from  making expensive mistakes.  In the article, Holmes said,  injection mold prototyping, for example, could cost the company up to $6,000 per part, and there's no guarantee that these parts will work correctly once they're delivered. 

Sara Pocius, owner of Sea Pony Studio in Chicago, creates custom pieces for her clients all the time. Turning the design into a wax mold can cost anywhere from $60 to $100 per mold. Using a 3D printer, however, the designer can create a mold for just $3.

3D printers will soon become a fixture in small manufacturing companies and small businesses. You will spend less money, you will streamline production, you can design and create exactly what your customers want, and you will save time and energy by creating your prototypes in your own space. Win, win, win. Win. Win, etc.

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