As far as 3D printers go, the Cubify Cube is one of the best for both home and office use. It's fairly easy to use, reliable and can create quality models at the push of a button. Still, if you're new to using a 3D printer, you may not be getting the quality that you really want from your device. By learning more about the way in which your Cubify Cube works, you can improve your models and learn to use your 3D printer to its fullest potential.

Use Capture
The Cube can allow you to turn a 2D photo into a 3D model with ease. When taking pictures to later turn into models, you'll need to take many of the same picture and focus on getting the clearest shot possible   so keep the camera still. The feature will also work more efficiently if the object takes up the entire frame. The flash should be off, and if you're photographing something without a lot of texture, try using a texturized backdrop, such as newspaper. When you finally have the shot, upload it directly using Cube Capture and the software will automatically create a rendering which you can then print.

Understand Print Modes
The Cubify Cube offers a variety of print modes to fulfill your various modeling needs. By understanding what each print mode can do for you, you can use your Cube more efficiently overall. The default print mode is best for daily jobs. It offers a medium layer of thickness and can be customized. Draft mode means faster printing and less detail, which is better for practice pieces or for larger-scale pieces. Fast draft mode means printing in the shortest time possible, while fine resolution mode takes longer, but has the thinnest layers and preserves the most detail from your model. Acquaint yourself with each print mode so you can choose the one that best suits your needs each time.

Minimize Warp
While the Cubify Cube is one of the most reliable machines available, you may find that your objects have a degree of warp in them. Luckily, you can control the warp for the most precise pieces possible. Try using less glue in the center and focusing the glue on the outer edges, which are more prone to warping. You can also try setting the print gap head and print pad more tightly for better layer adhesion. Finally, keep in mind that environmental conditions can lead to warp, such as a room being too warm or humid. Try moving the printer to a cooler room to see if it helps.

Choose Density
You can choose the density of your model, depending on the way in which you'll use the print-out. When choosing print options, pick hollow, strong or sold   these settings refer to how dense the inside portion of your model will be. While solid offers the highest degree of stability, it also uses the most material. Strong has slightly less material, and despite the name, the hollow setting isn't completely empty   it just has the least amount of structure material. Draft items can be hollow, while items to be put to use should get the solid treatment.

As you learn more about your Cubify Cube, you ll be able to master these various settings and get just the results you re looking for each time you print.

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