The HP Designjet T120 is a wide format printer that can take care of most your large printing needs. The HP Designjet T120 is designed to be used as a large format plotter; for instance, it is ideal for printing out blueprints of floor plans. The HP Designjet T120 can be used to print out larger banners or posters as well. Because it can also hold regular sized letter paper, all your printing needs can be done with this one printer. This printer can also connect to your wireless internet, and it has an app that works with iPhones or Android devices which allows for on-the-go printing while you are out and about. The HP Desingjet T120 is great for small businesses or a large office.

Architecture, engineering, construction students and professionals will find use for this entry-level, personal-use, wide format printer. The HP Designjet T120 can print out crisp and clear floor designs in less than 10 minutes. You'll be able to print conveniently from home, the office or school, cutting down on the need to take those projects to a printing place, saving time and money.

A feature that is somewhat unique to this wide format printer is Wi-Fi connectivity. Connecting the HP Designjet T120 to your network will allow you to print from virtually anywhere within your network. This is a really useful feature because not all spaces will fit a 24-inch printer. You can place the large format printer anywhere, and hook it up to your network. Entry-level wide format printers are hard to find, but finding one that allows you to connect to it wirelessly is even rarer.

The no-cables-attached freedom that you get with Wi-FI connectivity extends even further with HP's web service. With the HP Designjet ePrint & Share, you can email your documents or projects to the cloud-based service and then print them on the wide format printer. Also, everything that you can print can be saved to the cloud and reprinted using the wide format printer. For even more on-the-go printing, HP ePrint & Share offers a free mobile app. You can download and print documents from your mobile device for extra convenience.

This printer is a great large format plotter ideal for architects, engineers and construction workers who want to print 24 x 36 floor plans or designs. However, this printer is useful for other applications, such as printing banners or posters. For instance, if a you own a small business and use custom banners, a wide format printer like the HP Designjet would let you take care of your printing in-house as opposed to having to take your banner needs to a printing store. If you have a poster or banner-making program, that would work with this printer, but we were able to use a Microsoft Office program to make our own TopTenREVIEWS banner. By reconfiguring the print settings, we were able to print banners and posters from a simple Excel spreadsheet as well as from Photoshop.

The printer stand does not come assembled, but it is a simple do-it-yourself project. The HP Designjet T120 comes with easy-to-follow instructions. The printer is big and heavy, so a team lift is recommended if you need to move it around. HP customer support is available by phone, email or live chat. The wide format printer also has an installation manual, a troubleshooting guide and a user manual. Manuals can be downloaded in PDF format from the web too.

If you have ever thought about printing large banners or posters from home, the wide format HP Designjet T120 is a product well worth considering. One of the few entry-level printers that offer wide format printing, the HP Designjet T120 offers the convenience of printing your large documents from your home or office. If you are away from your printer, HP's ePrint & Share allows you to print from the cloud, from email or from HP's mobile app, so you're not tethered to your printer. This HP wide format printer makes it easy to get just the results you want from your print jobs, whether you're printing blueprint and floor plans or banners and posters.

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