As one of Lenovo’s entries in the tablet PC market, the Miix 700 benefits from strong construction. With dimensions of 11.5 x 8.3 x 0.35 inches and a starting weight of 1.7 pounds, it falls in line with comparable tablet PCs. The included keyboard cover doesn’t add too much bulk with its slim dimensions of 11.5 x 8.8 x 0.22 inches and weight of 0.7 pounds. Although the keyboard’s keys are relatively shallow, we didn’t have any problems typing on it during extended work sessions.

In our hands-on testing, we found that the Miix is well-constructed and has an excellent display. The tablet is built around a sleek metal body that fits its consumer-level price. The kickstand’s watchband-style hinge is a sharp design addition, and it helps reinforce the support arm. When engaged, it securely props up the Miix 700 and ensures it doesn’t slip or collapse during use.

The Miix’s 12-inch 2160 x 1440-pixel display is a similarly excellent performer. It is a slight bump above the standard 1920 x 1080 screens used in many consumer tablet PCs, and we didn’t find any major quality issues during testing. Fine-detail content, such as movies and text, displayed on the Miix 700 with excellent fidelity. In benchmarking from our colleagues at Laptop Mag, the Miix put up a middling average brightness mark of 330 nits – top models reached around 400-nits – but its color accuracy was in line with comparable tablet PCs. 

This tablet PC comes with a standard slate of connectivity options. Around its edges, you’ll find a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port, micro HDMI video output, a headphone jack and microSD support. The microSD slot is especially useful because of the Miix’s storage limitations – it can only be purchased in configurations up to 256GB. The tablet PC’s solid-state drive is definitely beneficial, but its modest stock storage options can feel limiting if you want to use it as a dedicated computer and store content like photo or music libraries.

As with many non-enterprise business tablet PCs, the Miix’s performance doesn’t really stand out. Testing from our colleagues at Laptop Mag found that its processor performed comparably to competing tablet PCs. In benchmark test Geekbench 3, the Miix 700’s Intel Core m5-6Y54 processor produced a score of 4,917 points. Most tablet PCs built with processors from Intel’s mobile Core M lineup score around 4,000 in Geekbench. During the checkout process, you can configure the 700 with higher-end Intel Core mobile processors. 

The Miix’s processor is fast enough to run standard home and office applications, but there is still a tangible performance gap compared to a standard full-size laptop. For comparison, a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with an Intel Core i5 processor scored 6,811 points in Laptop’s benchmarking with the same test. Most general users can get by with the Miix’s Core M processor, but enterprise and power users may find occasional stumbles.

Additionally, the Miix lasted for a middling five hours and 54 minutes before powering down in Laptop’s battery test. During benchmarking, each tablet PC loops through webpages at a constant brightness until its battery is completely drained. This mark is in line with comparable tablet PCs, which generally last five- to seven-hours in Laptop’s testing.

However, competing product families like tablets and laptops frequently have better battery life or comparative battery value versus cost. Tablet PCs are much more successful at bridging the gap between portability and performance than they used to be, but battery life is still a hurdle for the platform.

That said, there’s still much to like in the Lenovo Miix 700. Its build quality and display are clear strengths, though its battery life can be problematic for users who want to use it on the go.

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