In the home office, a document scanner can clear office clutter, save years of collected financial documents, provide backups of all your credit and medical cards, and even preserve Junior’s third grade art project. For businesses, a document scanner can provide a convenient way to keep adding to an existing, electronic document-management system or a way to get the process started. These compact machines, far smaller than any printer, can empty out the filing cabinets, preserve all needed patient or customer information, back up your business documents, make tax time a breeze, and help you see where the company’s money is going.

Using the features of a modern document scanner and you can:

Clear the Clutter
The home office is often the most cluttered room in the house. Cancelled checks, bills, medical records, receipts and invoices needed for tax purposes typically take up a disproportionate amount of valuable space. In addition, paperwork may be unorganized and not thrown away when it has finished serving its purpose. Businesses suffer with similar problems. Without a plan for ongoing document scanning, filing cabinets fill up fast despite the expensive space they occupy, and businesses remain an unorganized combination of electronic and paper files.

A document scanner clears the clutter and get things organized. Records can be scanned to searchable PDF files, put into folders by type or date, and be available whenever they are needed. Most document scanners automatically feed 50 sheets of paper into the scanner at a time, so catching up can be done quickly and easily with very little input from the scanner operator.

Store and Protect Legally Required Documents
Both individuals and businesses are required by law to keep certain records that prove you have paid your bills, filed your taxes, or have given or received medical care. Scan these documents into online storage repositories and you know exactly where they are.

Make Off-Site Backups
Most modern desktop scanners can send your documents to online storage. These cloud-based document repositories may be free, come with a paid subscription or be part of a larger document-management system. Backing your documents up to a place other than your in-house computer system frees you from worrying about local disasters. If your office is flooded, your computer dies or you lose your close-at-hand paper or digital records, you can feel secure knowing that digital copies exist elsewhere. And, these digital copies can be accessed from any location with an internet connection and password.

Prepare for Tax Time
One of the most arduous tasks that home or business owners perform each year is gathering materials to file taxes. If you use your digital scanner to scan invoices, receipts and pay stubs, and then store them in one place, tax time becomes far easier. This is made even easier by the many document scanners that come with applications that recognize financial information automatically. These scanners take your information and send it to an appropriate database for easy retrieval.

Better Manage Your Finances
With dedicated folders for various types of financial transactions and applications that store the information in one place, homes and businesses that use a document scanner can also keep far better track of their finances. How much did you spend? What kinds of things required the biggest payouts and what were your most significant sources of revenue? All these questions can be answered far more easily if your records have been scanned and stored as searchable documents.

A document scanner is a compact and inexpensive investment that allows any home or business office to better use its space, have a secure repository for legally required documents, back up all important information and make tax time less painful and more profitable. In addition, well-kept financial records allow a careful consideration of how and where your money is being spent. With the help of a document scanner, you save space, organize your office space and understand how your money is spent.

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