• Spectacular graphics
  • Fun plotline/story
  • Easy to play and easy to access game options
  • Automatically saved game whenever exited


  • Even though the games were clever, they were repetitive
  • Game seemed short
  • Game had limited variety of activities

At some point in every little girl s life, they ve developed an idea of what they want their dream wedding to be like. They all want a handsome prince, flowers, cake and a sparkling, white princess dress (complete with tiara and veil), possibly even a white stallion to ride off on into the setting sun. But, a PC game for a wedding in Las Vegas was not something we ever expected. So when we saw Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas, we had to see what it was about.

Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas the PC game was full of hilarious escapades as well as fun, though limited, activities. It was easy to use and navigate and it was available for download from, along with many other games. The game can be downloaded onto any gaming computer. It runs on very little RAM and still produces spectacular graphics.

In the game, instead of being the bride, groom, or Elvis, you re an elite Wedding planner on your way to the Palladium Resort in Las Vegas to plan Kelsey and David s wedding. You also meet Debbie, the  dreaded mother of the bride . When you arrive at your hotel room there s a gift waiting along with a note from the bride, (one of many to be received throughout the game to help you  in getting ready for the wedding). The gift is a cell phone- which is another way for the bride, groom and Debbie to be able to get in touch with you when they need something.

Not only did the game have a practical plot line, but for some inexplicable reason it was also fun to play. You carve your path through games and events to make it to the wedding day. Once you reach that point in the game and have everything set up, you have to save the wedding day by averting the crises  that come up.

That s not all the game consists of. Not only do you get to trapeze about the whole resort searching for items- as well as playing matching games and poker. Yes- poker. More specifically, Tally 21, (great for little kids to learn, right?). The game is spiced up a bit with un-expected adventures. There are places within the game where you become  trapped!  and have to find your way back out using objects to help you escape.

Dream Day Wedding keeps you on the lookout for golden cards with Palladium points, which allow you to buy upgrades and items for the reception site. The golden dice scattered throughout the resort work as hints in case you get stuck trying to find something. You also get to meet people while playing the game. Some, if you re nice enough to them, will give you more Palladium points; whereas others you want to avoid because they take points from you.

In all, Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas was simple and easy to play, yet it provided entertainment through the games hilarious escapades and thinking games. The game can be revisited at any time and new game profiles are easy to create so players can save Kelsey and David's wedding time after time.

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