To improve your game, the right accessories can make a world of difference. If you re still using the basic mouse and keyboard set that came with your gaming desktop, it might be time to upgrade. A gaming mouse is your number one tool for navigation, combat and overall advanced PC gaming. A great PC gaming mouse like the ROCCAT Lua will work as an extension of your hand, quickening your response time and destroying opponents.

Precision is vital whether you re a sniper in a FPS or fending off a horde of zergs. Accuracy is also important, you don t want technology slowing you down or holding you back. Although a Bluetooth mouse is new and flashy technology, a wireless gaming mouse creates a lag in response time. Since the ROCCAT Lua is a wired mouse, lag will never be an issue.

Increased and customizable DPI is also a benefit of this PC gaming mouse. DPI, or dots per inch, allows for the smooth tracking that is so essential to 3D gaming. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the Lua is. Small movements of your mouse equal large movements on screen. However, low DPI is also beneficial in FPS gaming, as large mouse movements equal small movements on screen and increased accuracy. The Lua s customizable DPI modes range from 250-2,000 and is therefore a handy feature to have at your fingertips.

As one of the best, this gaming mouse is comfortable. Whether you re left- or right-handed, this ambidextrous mouse is easy to use with either hand. The top is covered with soft matte plastic, silky smooth to the touch. The sides are covered in a sweat-proof, slip-proof material that is only slightly rougher than the top but affords better grip. Even the bottom is well designed: It glides well on any surface, even without a gaming mouse pad, and is pretty quiet.

Unlike other gaming mice, this model isn t covered in customizable buttons, which keeps life simple. Other than the standard left and right click buttons, you have the scroll wheel and DPI button. Four-way scrolling is important for switching weapons and scanning an environment in PC gaming. Thus, the Lua has deep steps on the scroll wheel which click in place, silently, to help you control panning and prevent over- or under-scrolling. The DPI button lets you switch back and forth from different DPI settings that you can select via a downloadable driver from ROCCAT.

Ease of Use
Computer mice generally aren t hard to use, but some gaming mice have customizable buttons and settings that may pose some challenges to set. If you want to just plug in this gamer mouse, go ahead; it ll work just fine. The included 5.9-foot USB cable is all you ll need to plug into your gaming PC. However, if you want to up the ante and customize the Lua, it s very easy to do. From ROCCAT s website you can download drivers that will allow you to choose vertical scroll speed, double-click speed, rolling rate, DPI and Windows pointer speed. You can also test new settings before you select them. Also, even though the technical specs on ROCCAT s website don t list Windows 8 as a compatible operating system, we found that the Lua works just as well on Windows 8 as it does on Windows 7.

The ROCCAT Lua gaming mouse may look pretty with its sleek design and blue hues, but it s really a powerful gaming asset. Easy to use and comfortable, the Lua also gives you an edge on the competition by allowing you to customize settings and preferences.

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