There are a lot of good keyboards out there that are packed with features and can do some pretty amazing things. Most of those are gaming keyboards because gamers can use those extra abilities to enhance their skill. These feature filled keyboards will sometimes have back-lit keys, some have programming abilities for assigning tasks and macros to individual keys, but nothing quite measures up to the Optimus Maximus keyboard. At first glance this may look like a regular keyboard but look a little closer and you'll see the unique features and advantages that it offers.


First of all, every key on this keyboard has its own stand-alone mini-screen that can be programmed to display about anything you want. That means you can change them to show another language, HTML codes, special symbols or even math functions like you'd find on a calculator. The languages and symbols that can be displayed on the keyboard include about any text format or language that you can find on your computer or in your word processing program. If the operating system and do it, so can this keyboard.

If there are some specific sets that you use on the keyboard frequently, you can save the different layouts on an SD card. This is quite convenient, especially for people that use macros for various programs and games. The only difference is that you can have the keyboard's mini OLED screens on the keys display a letter or image that coincides with what you program the key to do.


Two of the common examples used, is a keyboard layout for Photoshop and another for first person shooter games like Quake. For Photoshop the keyboard's keys are set as the different tools that you can use and they display the same image as is shown in the program. For first person shooters the keys are set for different weapon selection and abilities like attacking, jumping and reloading.


Some gaming keyboards will allow for custom key programming and macros. Some even allow you to save a couple profiles for the most common layouts but it is limited. Also, if you forget what keys were programmed for specific purposes you'll have to look it up (assuming that the keyboard has the option of viewing the customizations) or reprogram. With the Optimus Maximus keyboard there are no limits to the customization of the keys and what they display.


There are a few extra goodies that come along with the Optimus Maximus keyboard. The screens on each key have a life of about 20,000 hours before the display quality begins to diminish. The brightness of the keyboard's screens can be adjusted manually but they also automatically adjust according to the ambient light. Should they ever need to be cleaned or replaced, these micro mechanical key switches can be easily removed. There are two USB ports on the keyboard for plugging in other peripherals, like a mouse or headset. Obviously there is a k-lock that you can use, if you're worried about this baby waking off. Also, should the keyboard be defective, there is a one year warranty to cover those.


As you can see, this is a pretty neat keyboard. It has about everything you could possibly want in a keyboard. However, there are a few negative points though as well. The first thing we want to point out is that this keyboard requires its own power source, so make sure you've got room own your surge protector for it to plug in as well. The second thing is that the Optimus Maximus keyboard will most likely decrease your FPS (frames  per-second) slightly, though it shouldn't be more than ten. The last and most important detail is the price. The ultimate keyboard will run you over two thousand dollars to get. The price alone stops most people from buying this beauty but it can't stop us from dreaming or drooling over it.

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