There is no denying that Apple MacBooks rule the world of laptops. Here, we compared The MacBook Pro to the Macbook Air; head honchos of the notebook and ultrabook world to see which one reign s supreme.


Display Size

The MacBook Pro Retina Display boasts a 13- and 15-inch model while the MacBook Air has an 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch display. This category could be considered a push. If you are looking for portability you may not want a big screen, yet the extra inches could mean all the difference in the world for multimedia purposes.

Screen Resolution

The Retina display boasts 2880 x 1800-pixel screen resolution. This is unmatched clarity and color images and extremely sharp text. The Retina display model has far pushed the boundaries of screen clarity and color.

The MacBook Air can t compete with the Retina Display in terms if screen resolution. Even though the Air boasts a 1400 x 900-pixel display, it still falls well short of the clarity and crispness of the MacBook Pro.


There is no denying it here, the MacBook Air is one of the smallest and thinnest laptops you are going to find. The smaller the laptop, the more portable. Even though the MacBook Pro Retina Display laptop has a slimmer design than previous models, the Air wins this category.


Even though the MacBook Pro impressively weighs fewer than 4 pounds, it still can t compete with the Air. The Air is a fully functional laptop under 3 pounds. You can t beat the MacBook Air when it comes to portability. Because the Air is so lightweight you can take your laptop just about anywhere you need with any hassle.


Having the MacBook Air so lightweight and thin, come power had to be compromised. The Air contains a 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5. The maximum processing speed and power of the MacBook Pro simply overpowers the Air. With a 2.7GHz quad-core Intel i7 processor, you will have all the power and speed for your multimedia editing including audio and video editing as well as performing all tasks for work or school.


With 8GB-16GB, again, a no contest victory for the Macbook Pro. With more RAM you are able to run more programs without any lag or loading problems. Simply put, the more memory, the better.

Storage Capacity

The MacBook Pro offers more storage than the Air. The Air only offers 128GB-512GB compared to the Pro that offers 128GB-768GB. . You can save more files, pictures, videos, programs etc. with more storage capacity. Another victory for the MacBook Pro.

Battery Life

The Air wins this category by a landslide. While the Pro offers up an impressive 7 hours of battery life, it can t compete with the 12 hours of battery life that the Air offers. 12 hours of battery life is a lifetime in the laptop world. The Air obviously outduels the MacBook Pro in this category.


On the Retina Display models, Apple has finally wised up and included the long missed HDMI connection to its laptop s ports. An HDMI connection is something that the Air is still missing. The two Thunderbolt ports are good for two things- high speed data transfer and Mini Displayports for monitors. It s nice to see the Pro has doubled up on this port as well.

It is pretty obvious that the clear cut victor of this battle is the Apple MacBook Pro. Outside of the incredible design of the Air, The MacBook Pro simply out-powers the Air. Both are incredible computers and this comparison should in no way stray you away from the MacBook Air. The Air still boasts an incredible amount of memory, storage and speed for such a small laptop and at half the price of a MacBook Pro, but if you want to go with the stronger computer, the Macbook Pro is the champion.

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