The CPU (processor) is what we like to think of as the brain of any good gaming PC, or any computer for that matter. If you're looking to build your own system and want to know what processor is right for your system, these benchmark results will give you a good idea of what to buy. Tom s Hardware used 3DMark Vantage as their benchmark program and tested all of the major CPUs on the market today. Keep in mind that these tests may change slightly depending on the other components in your system. The following are two of the tests used to calculate the benchmark results found in the image below:

CPU Test 1
This first test is the AI test, which features a very highly intensive workload of pathing and maneuvering of artificial intelligence calculations. This test uses an air race that is crowded with planes that are trying to go through a set of gates without colliding into each other, a gate or the ground. The cool thing about this test is that if your gaming PC processor simply isn t good enough to handle the test, the planes will crash or the test will finish before the race is done. However, if your processor is able to handle the load, all of the planes will choose smarter paths and the program will execute correctly.

CPU Test 2
This what is known as the Physics Test. It is designed to feature future gaming physic computations and is quite a heavy workload for most CPUs. Much like the first test, this one is set around another larger-scale race with a variety of gates to pace through. Once again if your gaming PC system cannot handle the workload, planes will crash into just about anything. Planes will travel through the smoke and will either react to it in a normal fashion if your system is fast enough or it will look unnatural if your CPU is too slow. 3DMark Vantage states,  The physics test takes advantage of the AGEIAPhysX physics accelerator, if found on the system.  This will make the physics of the flights, crashes and smoke more realistic.

As you can see, the tests run for the CPU are geared towards seeing how much data can be transferred and how fast it can move. If your CPU simply doesn t have the power to get the job done, planes are going to crash because they are not being told where to go in time or the program will freeze up. These tests also illustrate how much the physics of a game can be affected if your card is not able to live up to the high demands set by game designers. The chart above should give you a good idea of what the best processors on the market are and what you will be getting when purchasing your next gaming PC or other computer.

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