Home videos recorded on VHS tapes deteriorate over time. The quality decreases and they are difficult to store, watch or share. And while there are a variety of video transfer services, a simple VHS to DVD converter that you plug into your computer on one end and your VCR on the other will allow you to digitally capture old videos.

The process is simple, cheap and many of the cords come with software that will automatically burn a DVD, post the video to YouTube or transfer it to your iPhone. However, not all of the devices are created equal; here are a few things to look for before purchasing your video capture device.

  • Compatibility: Some of the devices don t work for Macs, other software is only compatible with Windows 7. Be sure to read the system requirements carefully.
  • Cost: The functionality of a video capture device is not necessarily dependant on the cost. Just because one product costs more than another, it doesn t mean that the product will be easier to use or have more functions.
  • Required memory: Video capture devices require huge amounts of memory and space on your hard drive. You should also consider purchasing an external hard drive to store your videos.
  • Video editing software: Most video capture devices come with video editing software. The two most common programs are Cyberlink Power Director and Ulead Video Studio, which is a Corel product. Be sure to check out the video editing software reviews to find the program that fits your needs.
  • Still image capture: A few of the capture devices will capture still frames of videos with a click of a button, like Diamond Video Capture. Also, some of the programs will allow you to burn files to a VCD, which is a slideshow of photos with audio in the background. This is a great idea for wedding receptions and business presentations.
  • Take your questions online: With drivers to download, updates to find and software and setup, you are almost sure to have at least one question. Check out the manufacturer s website to find forums, email and chat support. The answers will most likely come quickly and will save you time and headache. The Roxio Easy VHS to DVD video capture device has some of the most comprehensive help options available.
  • Copyrighted material: Some devices and software programs do not allow you to copy any material that is copyrighted. Be sure to check the specifications of the VHS to DVD converter before purchasing to see if it will record and display copyrighted material.

Transferring VHS to DVD is a simple and great way to preserve memories, but the video capture devices are able to do so much more. Use the video capture devices to copy audio files, watch movies on your computer, upload old movies to YouTube and copy material from your DVR to DVD. There is also a large selection of video editing software to help create Hollywood-quality home videos to share with friends and family. With the right VHS to DVD converter, you will have a great time preserving and sharing fantastic memories. 

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