We re pleased to announce one of Top Ten Reviews newest review sites, Wireless Adapters. The site offers objective reviews of the best wireless network adapters on today s market. It also features a side-by-side comparison of the products  most important features to help in making a purchase decision.

Using a wireless adapter expands the use of Wi-Fi wireless networking technology to just about any computer. While it s true that most laptop computers now have Wi-Fi connectivity built in, the wireless standard included in the integrated component is often out-of-date. The adapters in this review site all comply with the most recent wireless n standard. That standard offers far greater range and data throughput rates than previous Wi-Fi products. It also uses advanced MIMO, Multiple-input/Multiple-output technology, greatly reducing the dead spots that were common with older wireless products.

In addition to adding or upgrading wireless connectivity for laptops, these adapters are also ideal for adding the technology to desktop computers. Though there are other types of wireless adapters available, installation of the products on our site requires nothing more than plugging into an available USB port and following simple directions in a setup wizard.

Our site examines the most critical features of wireless adapters including their data throughput capabilities and ability to reject interference from other wireless products and appliances. Some devices in this category operate within a single band of radio frequencies while others have dual band capabilities. We compare and contrast the two.

Network security is among the most critical components of any network, but is especially critical for wireless applications. Our site explains the characteristics of each adapter in keeping sensitive data private and preventing unauthorized persons from exploiting the internet connectivity.

We rated the Cisco Linksys AE1000 tops among USB wireless adapters. It excels in every rating category and includes a convenient mounting base that can help optimize transmitting and receiving data. The TRENDnet TEW-664UB and D-Link DWA-160 Xtreme N were also singled out as excellent choices among rated products.

For a better understanding of Wireless Adapters and wireless networking technology in general, as well as some of the important differences between various Wi-Fi products, we recommend reading our article entitled  The Evolution of Wi-Fi.  Like other Top Ten Reviews Learning Center articles, it provides insight into the underlying technologies and uses for the products we review.

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