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Pros / The Corsair Utility Engine customization software is powerful and gives you full control over this keyboard.

Cons / You don't get dedicated macro keys or media keys with this keyboard.

 Verdict / The Corsair Strafe is a great mechanical gaming keyboard that strikes a good balance between price and functionality.

Corsair's Strafe gaming keyboard doesn't have RGB backlighting or the removable wrist rest that we liked so much on the Vengeance K95 RGB, but it does have access to the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) customization software. This makes the Strafe a versatile gaming keyboard, with many different lighting modes, macro capabilities and game-specific profiles. While the Strafe isn't the best gaming keyboard you can get, it gives you enough tools and functionality to be worth your consideration.

Even though the Strafe doesn't have the same aluminum back plate you get on the K95, there's not much to complain about. The Strafe's housing is made out of heavy-duty plastic. The matte finish doesn't collect fingerprints, and the keyboard feels sturdy. Still, it flexes a little bit when you twist, and the plastic housing just doesn't look or feel as nice as the Vengeance line of keyboards. Of course, at the Strafe's price point, it's hard to complain much. One important thing to note is that the Strafe doesn't have any dedicated macro keys or media keys, which can be frustrating when you're playing a game.

The Strafe comes in two versions, one with Cherry MX Brown switches and one with MX Red switches. Corsair has a new version of the Strafe in the works that will come with the new Cherry MX Silent switches. These switches will be much quieter than most other mechanical switches on the market. This is good, because mechanical switches can be annoying to people around you.

While you don't get RGB backlighting with this version of the Strafe, that doesn't mean the backlighting is bad. Far from it. The red LEDs are clear and easy on the eyes – even in dark rooms. You can step through four levels of brightness, from off to very bright. With CUE, you can program the Strafe's backlighting to do just about anything. Better still, you can download profiles from other Strafe users so that you don't have to spend time building game-specific profiles.

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The Corsair Strafe is a great gaming keyboard that doesn't give you as many tools as some of its competitors. However, for its price point, this is a great mechanical gaming keyboard and is certainly worth your consideration. The red backlighting isn't overly impressive in an industry flooded with RGB keyboards, but CUE makes up for that with its advanced programmability.

Corsair Strafe Visit Site