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Pros / This keyboard has 26-key rollover.

Cons / It lacks a braided cable.

 Verdict / While it lacks a couple of features, the Logitech G710+ is still a great gaming keyboard.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

The Logitech G710+ is a highly capable gaming keyboard. It's backed by Logitech's excellent customer support and strong warranty to give you confidence in your purchase. The G710+ offers most of the features we look for in the best gaming keyboards and has plenty to offer PC gamers. Mechanical switches, customization software and a solid design all combine to make this an attractive peripheral for gaming.

The overall design of the G710+ is good. However, we were disappointed to see that such a high-end gaming keyboard doesn't have a braided USB cable. While not critical to the keyboard's functionality, a braided cable can increase the keyboard's life and provide easier cable management under your desk.

The G710+ is only available with Cherry MX Brown switches, which provide a typing experience in between MX Blues and MX Reds. Logitech places O-rings underneath the switches, which dampens the sound and changes the feel a bit. All in all, the MX Browns are good for everything, but if you're familiar with mechanical keyboards and prefer Blues or Reds, the G710+ isn't for you.

The G710+ features 26-key rollover (26KRO), which means you can press any 26 keys on the keyboard at once and they all register individually with complete accuracy. With such a high KRO, you don't have to worry about lengthy key combinations.

The dedicated media keys help you stay focused on your gaming instead of messing around with function commands. This keyboard also has a gaming mode, which disables the Windows key. This sometimes-overlooked feature prevents you from accidentally minimizing a game by tapping the Windows key. The keyboard also features backlighting and lets you control which sectors receive backlighting.

You can create macros and assign them to one of the six G-keys on this Logitech device. These dedicated macro keys are situated to the left of the Caps Lock key, keeping them within range of your fingers. The best gaming keyboards offer multiple profiles for varied use, and the G710+ is no exception. Between the three layer keys and the keyboard's proprietary software, you can assign macros to multiple profiles.

Logitech keyboards benefit from some of the best documentation and support resources available in the world of keyboards. The G710+ comes with a three-year warranty, so you have a lot of time to recognize any factory defects. You can also contact support via phone or email. The user forums are a great place to find more information or contribute to the community.

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The Logitech G710+ has an overall strong feature set and only falls short in a couple of small areas. Its 26KRO is enough for any type of gaming, and we like the mechanical keys and smooth typing action. Using the keyboard's layer keys and Logitech Gaming Software, you have access to three different profiles. The USB cable isn't braided, but this gaming keyboard has the important features to help you keep up with demanding, fast-paced games.

Logitech G710+ Visit Site