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Pros / This gaming keyboard's RGB backlighting is impressive.

Cons / There is very little documentation for this keyboard – online and offline.

 Verdict / The SteelSeries Apex M800 is a great gaming keyboard choice if you don't like the click and clack that comes with most mechanical switches, but with the lack of documentation, you'll be on your own in figuring out how to get the most of it.

The Apex M800 is SteelSeries' first RGB mechanical keyboard, and it's a good gaming keyboard that does many things right. The RGB backlighting is bright and well designed, the customization software is fairly easy to use, and you get USB pass-through. However, this isn't the best gaming keyboard you can get. It comes with some frustrations, like a lack of documentation and keycap customizability.

Right out of the gate, it's easy to notice something different about this mechanical gaming keyboard. Instead of using Cherry MX switches or other established mechanical switches, SteelSeries opted to design its own. The Apex M800's QS1 switches register very quickly and boast the solid longevity of mechanical switches. They don't really feel like mechanical switches, though. When you type on the Apex M800, it's similar in feel to a membrane keyboard, which is what most people are familiar with.

We were impressed with the Apex M800's backlighting capabilities. You can assign whatever color you want to any key on the keyboard. This allows you to create game-specific themes and highlight different key clusters. You can also set different lighting modes, like reactive lighting and color wave. The backlighting is even and clear, with seven levels of brightness from off to very bright.

The biggest issue with this keyboard is the absolute lack of documentation, not only for the Apex M800 itself, but also for the SteelSeries Engine customization software. It's not easy to figure out all of the keyboard's capabilities on your own, and there isn't any helpful documentation in the keyboard's packaging. Your best hope is to find help in online forums, which is OK but shouldn't be your only source of information regarding the keyboard's functionality.

Also, if you like to customize your keyboard's look with different keycaps, you'll probably want a different gaming keyboard. With the Apex M800's unique switches, nonstandard keys and low-profile keycaps, you'll be hard-pressed to find any compatible keycaps other than the ones the Apex M800 ships with.

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SteelSeries' Apex M800 is a great gaming keyboard that has some flaws. It's a good choice for a gaming keyboard that doesn't have a mechanical switch feel, but you won't find much documentation on how to use the keyboard's best features. Even though the Apex M800 isn't the best gaming keyboard you can get, it will serve you well in most games and even in day-to-day typing.

SteelSeries Apex M800 Visit Site