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iBuyPower Level 10 Review

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PROS / The high-end video card, massive SSD and unique design make this system stand out.

CONS / The power supply is relatively weak, and the support section on the manufacturer's website is hard to navigate.

 VERDICT / The iBuyPower Level 10 gaming computer is extremely easy to upgrade and comes stocked with high- to mid-range hardware.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but TopTenREVIEWS is no longer updating this product’s information.

The iBuyPower Level 10 is one of this company's highlighted models for hardcore gamers. iBuyPower offers dozens of different computer models, but the Level 10 series tops the charts for their high-end gaming computers. When it comes to computers, it is important to get quality parts, and the iBuyPower Level 10 uses an Intel Core i7-960 processor and a high-end GeForce video card. One of the things that make this computer stand out is the unique tower. The case's easy-to-open panels and quick hardware access make upgrading this computer much easier than it is with any other we have seen.

Graphics & Performance

The one thing you don’t want to skimp on in a good gaming computer is the video card. If you want to run your games at top resolution and high FPS, you are going to need a graphics card and monitor that can handle it. The iBuyPower Level 10 uses the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 video card, which is towards the top of line for video processing. You will also find 3D premium surround sound built into the computer for that little extra audio oomph needed for some of the higher-end games, such as MW2.

Processor & Storage

Much like the video card, the processor is another piece of hardware that needs to be as powerful as possible so you get the full effect of any game on the market today. The iBuyPower Level 10 gaming computer comes with the Intel Core i7 960 3.2GHz processor. The i7 comes with four cores and eight threads for faster transfer rates, so speed should not a problem at all.

Design & Connectivity

Any hardcore gamer knows that RAM is essential for creating that perfect gaming computer. The average memory used in most gaming computers is around 6GB of DDR3 RAM. The iBuyPower Level 10 matches that and has room for expansion if needed. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system runs the best if you have at least 4GB of RAM or better. With 6GB of memory, you should have no problem with clean, crisp game play for any type of game.

One of the large improvements over previous iBuyPower models is the addition of a 120GB SSD (solid-state drive) for installing the operating system and any other software you desire. A 1TB hard drive is also included for loading games, music, videos or just about anything else you could ever want. This large memory improvement over the previous model is a must-have for keeping up with the gaming industry.

Help & Support

The Level 10 gaming computer runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, the base package for Windows 7. This Windows operating system is very stable, simple and just plain user-friendly when it comes to installing games and other media. Along with a great operating system, the 800-watt power supply and Gigabyte GA-X58A UD5 motherboard keep your computer running without any problems.


This gaming computer is not necessarily top of the line, but it still screams power. The iBuyPower Level 10 has a high-end video card, a massive amount of storage space and a high-quality processor that will meet your gaming needs for years to come.