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Pros / A spacious soundstage makes for immersive gaming.

Cons / Its all-plastic construction doesn’t inspire confidence.

 Verdict / Sound quality and comfort are probably the two most important factors to consider when buying a PC gaming headset. The Man O’ War delivers on both but falls a little short in the durability department.

When you’re looking for a good gaming headset, there are three main factors you’ll want to consider – sound quality, comfort and durability – probably in that order. However, that depends on whether or not you’re hard on your gear. While the Man O’ War knocks the first two out of the park, we weren’t particularly impressed with its durability.

When we looked at the specs for the Man O’ War headset, we found that they were, for the most part, fairly average among headsets we tested. That’s not a terrible thing since we tested the best headsets out there, and we weren’t expecting to be quite as impressed as we were.

When playing first-person shooters, like Battlefield 1, everything seemed bigger. The explosions felt larger and the firefights we intense and dynamic. You really feel like a part of the game. The crystal-clear mic was an added bonus when playing online. In RPGs like The Witcher 3, the world sounded alive and spacious. You can hear the wind blowing around you and the creaking of boughs very clearly. As far as soundstage is concerned, the Razor Man O’ War is one of the best headsets we tested.

Although this is one of the larger headsets we tested, it's relatively light and comfortable. The ear cups are large and put almost no pressure on your ears, and the headband distributes weight evenly across the top of your head. Unfortunately, its low weight does require a small sacrifice in durability.

Now, we didn’t actually run into any issues with our headset breaking and malfunctioning, and we don’t think you’re likely to either if you’re careful with it. It’s just that the entire thing is made of plastic. Other models we tested, like the LucidSound LS30, were reinforced with metal components and are more resistant to accidental breakage. The Man O’ War, on the other hand, seemed to be much more fragile. This shouldn’t be a huge problem for all gamers, but you may want to think twice about buying this headset for a kid.

  • Headset Weight
  • Driver Diameter
  1. Lighter headsets are likely to be more comfortable during long gaming sessions.
    Lighter is Better.
  2. 7  Razer Man O' War
    11.7 oz
  3. 12.0 oz
  4. 12.5 oz
  5. 10.0 oz
  6. Category Average
    11.32 oz


Overall, we were impressed with the Man O’ War and found ourselves coming back to it for its impressive comfort and spacious sound. Although we were a little concerned with its durability, we don’t think this would be a huge problem provided you’re fairly careful with your gear.

Razer Man O' War Visit Site