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Not quite a desktop, but definitely not a laptop, the Falcon Northwest FragBox 2 is ideal for LAN parties or for the semi-mobile gamer. This mini gaming computer is also ideal if you have limited space for your tower but still want the power of a full gaming computer. The FragBox 2 may not have the right hardware to play all the best games at high frame rates or max resolutions, but it’ll make LAN parties a little less of a hassle – you won’t need a partner to help transport the thing, and there is no worry of dropping the tower on the way. Having seen our fair share of mini gaming computers, the FragBox 2 takes the cake with its looks, performance and functionality. Just because the computer comes in a smaller size doesn’t mean it lacks the ability to contend with full-sized PCs.

With mid-range hardware like the Intel Core i5 2300 at 2.8GHz, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 TI video card with 1GB of memory, the FragBox 2 should run most games just fine. It may not beat a good desktop gaming PC, but it doesn’t get left in the dust, either. No, the FragBox doesn’t quite have the power of other gaming computers but with its small form, choice components and relatively low price, it is a good choice for any average gamer who is always on the go.

Fast memory, whether in hard drive or RAM form, is important in a gaming system. The Falcon Northwest FragBox 2 comes stocked with 4GB of DDR3 RAM, which lacks power when compared to the 6GB or 12GB of DDR3 memory found in other gaming machines. The 500GB SATA2 Seagate drive is quite small considering most gaming PCs have dual hard drives and at least 1TB of storage space, but the 7200-rpm drive is pretty fast and means nothing will have to wait long to be read or written.. The Intel Core i5 2300 has four processor cores running at 2.8GHz, all of which use eight threads which send and receive data. The video card is an NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 TI with 1GB of memory; this is not the best on the market, but should be powerful enough for most games.

The FragBox 2 is affordable, fast and easy on the eyes. Not only will it fit on any desktop, but it's small size make it amazing for LAN parties or other group events. Falcon Northwest ensures that you’re in good hands with a year of U.S.-based parts and labor support, and you'll also get Falcon Overnight, where you can overnight your PC back for repairs – free of charge. You will also receive an additional two years of basic support, which covers diagnostics and small repairs.

Falcon Northwest FragBox Summary:

Falcon Northwest prides itself on creating some of the best gaming computers in the world. The Falcon Northwest FragBox 2 may not be the best gaming PC on the market, but it is one of the smallest. The small design does limit some of its hardware use, but the mini design makes it very easy to transport and set up at any location. The Falcon Northwest FragBox 2 is a perfect gaming machine for the gamer on the go.

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Falcon Northwest FragBox

This gaming PC sports a semi-mobile design and offers excellent customer support.

The Falcon Northwest FragBox has only 4GB of RAM and a relatively small 500GB hard drive.

The Verdict:

The mid-range hardware is a little bit limiting, but the small size makes this system easily portable.