Dell Inspiron One 2320 Review

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PROS / Its superb display and quick performance come at an affordable cost.

CONS / As with similar systems, you’ll need to pay quite a bit for performance upgrades.

VERDICT / This is an affordable media center computer with plenty of power and a beautiful display.

The Dell Inspiron One 2320 is a media center computer which has a striking 23-inch HD display. As with many of the systems we looked at, the monitor is a touchscreen gives you the hands-on feel of a tablet with the performance of a high-end desktop.

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The display is always the standout feature with any media center computer, and the Dell Inspiron One 2320 has a beautiful 23-inch full HD 1080p monitor. There are plenty of features and apps that take advantage of its multi-touch display. But keep in mind, holding your arm up to swipe the screen gets tiring. Some of the computers we reviewed can lie flat to increase comfort when you interface with the touchscreen, but this one unfortunately doesn't.

Other features include a built-in HD webcam, a 1TB hard drive, quality speakers, a keyboard and mouse, multiple input/output ports and a DVD/CD burner and reader. There is some software included, but some of the applications have a free trial and must be purchased when the trial period is over.

Using the latest Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system with the Intel Core i5 processor, you’ll have no problem getting work done and having fun with photos, movies, music and video games.

Intel has really stepped up their game with their latest line of processors. The Dell Inspiron One 2320 media center PC ships with a Core i5 processor clocking in at a robust 2.5 GHz. If you want to save a little money, you can drop down to a Core i3 processor, but you’ll be sacrificing power. Of course, you can also bump up to the fastest Intel Core i7 processor; however, the price takes a significant leap.

This media center computer includes 6GB of DDR3 SDRAM, which is terrific, as many systems come with 4GB as the standard amount of RAM. The more memory you have, the better your all-in-one computer will run. The graphics card is good, too – an NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M – which ensures smooth playback of video games, movies and more.

The Dell Inspiron One 2320 is an easy-to-use media center PC, especially if you’re familiar with the Windows operating system. Version 7 Home Premium 64-bit is much more powerful than previous versions, and it's also simpler to work with.

Dell has included many help and support options with the Inspiron One 2320 media center computer. It comes with user manuals and guides to get you started, built-in software to check for issues or software updates, a section for drivers and downloads, order tracking, user forums and a standard one-year warranty. Of course, you can extend the warranty for an extra charge.

If you need technical support, you can also reach Dell by phone, email or live chat. Their tech support is good, but in the past few years their ratings have slipped, according to third-party research companies.


Dell is known for their quality computers, and their Inspiron One 2320 is a solid media center offering. The large touchscreen display is extraordinary, though your arm will quickly tire holding it up to swipe the screen. The performance is good, but be prepared to spend a lot if you want to upgrade the processor.