Acer Incorporated has been in the business of computers for decades. They are one of the top PC and laptop producers. Over the years, they have grown and even acquired other big names, such as Gateway and Packard Bell. They now manufacture everything from tablets and phones to servers and projectors. They also have a major presence in the world of monitors. The Acer S231HL is one of their leading S Series monitors, and it offers a quality performance while staying eco-friendly and saving desk space.

Despite utilizing TN (Twisted Nematic) panel technology, which is inferior to IPS (In-plane Switching) panels, the monitor has been streamlined to perform with quality, even though the technology could be better. The response time is an average, but functional five milliseconds.

The color quality starts to fade quickly anytime your gaze is not directly perpendicular to the screen. Vertically you cannot see what is on the monitor's screen anymore at 160 and horizontally at 170. Normally brightness and contrast would help it except that the brightness is a common 250 cd/m2 (candelas per square meter). The dynamic contrast ratio is a little better at twelve million to one ratio, which is more than adequate, though hardly the best on the market.

Unfortunately, this monitor is limited in its usability. The stand only allows you to tilt the screen up and down, which makes you rely on your desk and chair to get proper height positioning. The Acer S231HL offers an HDMI,VGA, DVI and DisplayPort connections.

Acer provides plenty of online documentation and FAQs to help through installation and other technical aspects. If you need additional help or you need to utilize the three-year warranty that comes with the Acer S231HL monitor, you can contact their support team by phone or email. Either one will quickly have you dealing with a representative about any concerns or problems you may have. The warranty covers any defects that occur during the monitor's manufacturing process. They do not have an online chat resource.

Acer S231HL Summary:

The Acer S231HL does some things right, but there are a few aspects that need improving. Unfortunately, the S Series Acer monitors do not come with either of the two best features for monitors, IPS technology and adjustable stands. For those features, you will have to go with a different Acer series, just know that you will have to pay more for both. If you do not need the additional adjustability and connections, then this LCD monitor may be just the thing for you.

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Acer S231HL

Of all the monitors we reviewed, this one has the lowest power consumption.

The Acer S231HL has minimal adjustability, which is inconvenient.

The Verdict:

The convenience factor is what hurts this monitor. Improving that alone would have made this monitor measure up far better.