LG Corporation is large conglomerate company from Seoul, South Korea, that produces chemicals electronics and telecommunication products. Its subsidiaries can be found in more than 80 different countries across the globe. Lucky Goldstar (the original meaning of the LG abbreviation) has split, merged and entered into a number of joint ventures over the years, which has landed them near the top in their respective fields.

One of their more successful areas has been displays. LG makes a variety of displays for various devices, but they are best known for their TVs and monitors. Currently, the LG E2442V-BN is one of their leading TN (Twisted Nematic) panel LCD monitors. The great thing about this monitor is the quality color reproduction, despite the TN technology, which is notorious for having inferior color quality. What helps out in this case are the 250 cd/m2 (candelas per square meter) brightness output and the 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

The response time on the LG E2442V-BN is a quick five milliseconds, making this monitor capable of playing games and movies with minimally blurred movement. Where the problem comes in is with the viewing angles. This 1080p, LED backlit monitor starts losing color quality almost immediately after you move only a few degrees away from a perpendicular center. At 160 degrees vertically, you will lose the picture completely – and that is about 20 degrees sooner than the best monitors we have reviewed. Horizontally the drop off point is 170 degrees, which is only about 10 degrees less that the top monitors, but there is still room for improvement. IPS (In-plane Switching) panel technology is the answer to this problem, but this model does not offer that technology.

Another flaw we would like to see remedied is the minimal adjustability. The LG E2442V-BN will only tilt, and you cannot adjust the height at all. You also cannot rotate the monitor vertically to accommodate and make use of optimal viewing for reading, writing and web browsing. On the positive side though, this monitor only consumes about 26 watts, which is on the lower end of the average power consumption rate for this size of monitor.

The LG E2442V-BN comes with an HDMI, a DVI and a VGA port for connecting to your computer and peripheral devices. This is a good variety that should allow you to connect directly without a converter. For any technical questions or concerns you may have, this monitor comes with a user manual, and LG offers online documentation as well. Any information you cannot find through the manual or in the FAQs can be obtained by contacting the support team directly via phone, email or chat. Keep in mind, though, that LG only offers a one-year warranty on their monitors.

LG E2442V-BN Summary:

With multiple superior options in panel technology, TN panels will eventually be phased out. For the time being though, they are hanging on and putting up a fight. The LG E2442V-BN is one of the better TN monitors, but it does not offer enough to justify paying the same price as equally sized monitors with better panel technology. With IPS technology, this monitor would be a far greater contender.

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LG E2442V-BN

This monitor has vivid color reproduction.

The viewing angles are narrow.

The Verdict:

Aside from not utilizing IPS panel technology, LG should have put more into this monitor's processing ability.