Editor's note: The EA241WM has been replaced by the EA244WMI-BK. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this new model for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review the NEC EA244WMI-BK when we next update the Monitor reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about the NEC EA241WM.

NEC has creeped up on us to become a great monitor manufacturer. Although its monitors might look like they are meant to stand in cubicles rather than your home office, they do the job that they are designed and built for quite well. The greatest aspect of the NEC MultiSync EA241WM monitor is its adjustability. It takes only a couple seconds to twist it from landscape to portrait mode and back for those times when you just need more space to read a long webpage or document with minimal scrolling. When you want to watch a video, flip it back to landscape mode to enjoy the widescreen experience.

Speaking of videos, to save clutter, this NEC monitor comes with built-in speakers, so you will not have to spend any money on or occupy any of your desktop space with separate speakers. They are adequate for listening to music and or watching a movie, but do not expect surround-sound quality. If you want to charge your phone without having to reach down to plug it into the back or front of your computer, you can charge your device using one of the USB hubs that are built into the monitor. You can always use more USB ports, and this monitor adds 4 more to your arsenal. Most of the time these additional ports are used for webcams, a mouse, a keyboard and a handy USB flash drive when needed.

The speakers and USB hub add some additional weight, but this monitor comes with a high-quality stand that will not buckle when you apply the minimal pressure required on the monitor to adjust it to the correct height or viewing angle. NEC is also committed to the environment and bundles in tools that help you save energy and the environment by managing your monitor's power consumption. Using these preset functions though will reduce the brightness of the screen and potentially affect your enjoyment of the HD. The NEC EA243WM monitor has a full HD screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is the standard for monitors these days. This model includes DVI and VGA hookups and the accompanying cables to connect it to any type of computer you use.

NEC offers a limited three-year warranty for the MultiSync monitor that covers labor and parts, including the screen's backlight, the electrical components and the panel. If you have specific questions about the warranty or other aspects of the monitor, you can contact the NEC technical support team via phone, email or chat. Online documentation and FAQs are available to answer the most common questions.

NEC MultiSync EA243WM Summary:

The NEC EA243WM is a great monitor. It is sturdy, highly adjustable and has full HD resolution. It has a great stand that will not buckle under pressure, and speakers that will help minimize the amount of hardware components sitting on your desk. NEC is committed to the environment, and its monitors, including this one, consume less power during use than other manufacturers' HD monitors do.

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NEC MultiSync EA243WM

The stand will tilt almost any way you want it to and even allows for portrait mode.

This monitor only has a 1000:1 contrast ratio.

The Verdict:

The monitor has an enterprise look and feel to it, and is in some respects average, but if you want a highly adjustable monitor, pick up one of these up.