Pros / The Linksys RE1000 plugs into the wall.

Cons / There is only one Ethernet port on the unit.

 Verdict / If you need to discreetly improve your home or office's wireless network, the RE1000's small size is a good solution, but the size sacrifices some other perks.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Wi-Fi Boosters here.

The Linksys RE1000 Wi-Fi booster is equipped with wireless-N internet technology, and it is backward compatible with B and G technology and should work with your current wireless network. If your current network's data rate is 300 Mbps, this wireless repeater can harness that signal and rebound the same data speed through your home or office. While it has much going for it, the RE1000 is not one of the best Wi-Fi range extenders available – it's OK.

One Ethernet port on the bottom of the unit allows for a quick plug-and-play installation to your current wireless network. It's unfortunate that this is the only Ethernet port on the device, but once the Wi-Fi booster is connected to your network, you can use this port to connect wired devices. When it's in use, the Ethernet port's green indicator light illuminates. Next to the port you will see a reset button and an automatic setup button.

The Wi-Fi booster's small size (9.625 x 6.25 x 3.25 inches) makes the unit easy to keep on a desk. A power cord is included, or you can make use of the back, which converts into a wall plug. European models of the RE1000 have an on and off button, but if you purchase it in the U.S., this option is not available. You cannot access the wireless range extender remotely either.

Our research of the best Wi-Fi boosters on the market led us to many sources. Each location where we searched, Linksys support seemed to have a footprint there. If a user posted an unhappy review, Linksys support was there with a potential solution to their problem and a request to contact Linksys. We have to say, this response impressed us. Linksys seems bent on making sure its consumers love its products.

This same customer-centered attitude is prevalent on its website. A support link at the top of the page leads you to several support options. You can access user forums where other owners of the RE1000 are discussing installation and configuration issues. You can also read FAQs, browse quick troubleshooting steps or chat live with a support technician. For further support, an email address and phone number are also listed. All Linksys products come with a one-year warranty.

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The Linksys RE1000 is a good solution to a home or office riddled with internet dead zones. Its small size makes it easy to plug into a discreetly located wall outlet while rebounding and repeating your current wireless network's signal across those dead zones. Just be aware that the U.S. model is missing a few features and it only has one Ethernet port. This is a decent device, but it's not one of the best Wi-Fi boosters on the market.

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