Pros / The Apple Magic Mouse 2 has excellent build quality.

Cons / Apple inconveniently placed the charging port on the bottom of the Mouse.

 Verdict / Design quirks aside, the Magic Mouse 2 features strong build quality and steady scrolling performance.

Apple’s flagship mouse benefits from excellent build quality and consistent scrolling performance. In our testing, we evaluated the Bluetooth mouse on a variety of surfaces. While the Magic Mouse was a consistent performer on laminate and wood surfaces, it struggled on more reflective and irregular surfaces like marble and carpet.

Additionally, the mouse was completely unusable on a glass surface. While it’s often the hardest material for mice to work on, the best Bluetooth mice are built with sensors that can operate on glass. As the Magic Mouse 2 is priced in line with comparable premium wireless mice, it’s a notable shortfall.

Physically, there’s little to dislike about the Magic Mouse 2’s construction. Like its predecessor, the mouse is built with a polished polycarbonate top that’s supported with a curved aluminum body. Two narrow black plastic bars are mounted on the mouse’s bottom to help it move around.

In our hands-on testing, we found few issues with the mouse’s build quality. At 3.5 ounces, the Magic Mouse has a pleasant sense of weight, and mouse clicks feel firm and responsive. Despite the mouse’s flat top, it also comfortably supports four-way scrolling, which makes it easy to navigate through large files like images and PDFs. The palm-grip-style mouse also benefits from its ambidextrous design. While it’s sized to be in line with comparable desktop Bluetooth mice, the Mouse 2 can feel slightly shallow with its height of only 0.85 inches.

Still, the mouse suffers from a glaring design misstep. While Apple added a rechargeable battery to the Magic Mouse 2, the Lightning port is located on the mouse’s underside, so it can’t simultaneously be used and charge. As strong as the rest of the Magic Mouse’s construction is, the poorly placed Lighting slot is a clear instance of form being valued over function.

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  • Glass Surface Accuracy
  • Laminate Surface Accuracy
  • Wood Surface Accuracy
  1. This is our cursor accuracy score of the mouse on a glass surface.
    (Higher is Better)
  2. 4  Apple Magic Mouse 2
    0.0 %
  3. 99.0 %
  4. 70.0 %
  5. 0.0 %
  6. Category Average
    40.9 %


The Magic Mouse 2 benefits from strong fundamentals. While it isn’t without its design blind spots, Apple’s excellent build quality and features make it a decent dedicated mouse option for users in need of a Bluetooth mouse.

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