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JETech M0884 Review

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PROS / The JETech M0884 feels surprisingly durable and well-constructed for a budget Bluetooth mouse.

CONS / The mouse only has a basic set of scrolling and navigation features.

 VERDICT / The JETech is a strong option for users who need a basic, low-cost Bluetooth mouse.

While the JETech M0884 lacks the name recognition of other Bluetooth mice, this budget wireless Bluetooth mouse benefits from impressive performance despite its low price tag. During our performance testing, we evaluated the mouse’s scrolling abilities on the types of surfaces you typically encounter in your home. As with most mice, the JETech was an average performer on standard laminate and wood surfaces, though it lapsed slightly on more reflective and nontraditional surfaces like marble and carpet. 

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While its scrolling accuracy was not spectacular, the JETech was notably still usable on glass surfaces. This is surprising because glass tends to be the hardest material for mice to scroll on, and only the best Bluetooth mice have sensors that can operate on it. The quality of the JETech’s sensor makes it a surprisingly strong mouse option.

  1. This is our cursor accuracy score of the mouse on a glass surface.
    (Higher is Better)
  2. 10 JETech M0884
  3. 99%
  4. 70%
  5. 0%
  6. Category Average

Physically, the JETech is a bit more pedestrian. The wireless Bluetooth mouse is built from plain black and grey plastic and feels comparable to a standard desktop mouse. Still, we found the JETech to be surprisingly well-built in our hands-on testing. The left side of the mouse has a rubberized thumb groove for extra grip and holds two navigation buttons. The scrolling wheel and rubberized track on top of the mouse felt smooth and responsive. In addition, the M0884 has a CPI button that allows you to toggle the mouse’s scrolling sensitivity. While CPI calibration is a feature that only more advanced users will get mileage from, it’s still relatively useful.

As steady as the M0884’s construction is, the mouse’s versatility is somewhat limited by its budget billing. It lacks features like Bluetooth channel switching and four-way scrolling. As these options are often found on upscale mice, it’s understandable that the JETech doesn’t include them – it’s among the cheapest wireless Bluetooth mice on our lineup. Still, these options emphasize the differences between the JETech and top Bluetooth mouse models.


The JETech is a budget mouse, but from the inside and out, it’s a remarkably well-constructed one. While the M0884 lacks the versatility found in premium models, its low price tag and consistent performance make it a strong value-friendly option for home and business users.

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