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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Review

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PROS / It's extremely accurate on every surface we tested, including glass.

CONS / The mouse doesn't have an ambidextrous design.

 VERDICT / The Microsoft Sculpt Touch is one of the best Bluetooth mice because it's extremely accurate on any surface, very portable and can accommodate every grip type.

On the surface, the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort looks like a cheap plastic mouse with a traditional curved shape. This couldn't be further from reality. The body is made of heavy, solid plastic with touch-sensitive sensors optimized for Windows 8. The BlueTrack optical sensor proved to be one of the most accurate sensors on every surface we tested it on, and the arced shape makes this mouse an excellent fit for each of the three grip types – palm, fingertip and claw. For these reasons, it earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best Bluetooth mouse.

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  1. This is our cursor accuracy score of the mouse on a glass surface.
    (Higher is Better)
  2. 2 Microsoft Sculpt Comfort
  3. 99%
  4. 0%
  5. Category Average

Surface Accuracy

The Sculpt Comfort features Microsoft's BlueTrack optical sensor, which the company claims works on any surface except mirror and glass surfaces. We tested it on laminate, wood, marble, carpet, denim and glass. It was exceptionally accurate on nearly every surface and was still usable on glass. All of the other surfaces scored high marks except carpet, which scored 90 percent. Still, its performance on each surface was above average. Whether you're sitting on the floor of an airport or working at a coffee shop, the mouse works great without a mouse pad.

The sensor has a resolution of 1,000 dpi, which gives it a natural sensitivity. It's not too quick to jump when you move, and it doesn't lag behind when you move quickly. This is the resolution most people are familiar with, which is why the cursor response feels no different from your wired mouse. It doesn’t have an adjustable resolution, which is an advanced feature that may be important if you're a graphic designer.


The Sculpt Comfort isn't the smallest mouse we reviewed, but it still scored strong marks for portability. It's about the size of a tennis ball and fits into a computer bag or pocket without any troubles.

In our hands-on testing, the Sculpt Comfort greatly outperformed its midrange price tag. The mouse is built with a plain plastic top and button but features a lightly rubberized ring around its edge that includes a thumb rest. While the travel on each mouse button falls on the lighter side versus comparable home and business mice, the Comfort was still extremely responsive.

With a weight of around 4.8 ounces, the Sculpt has a nice sense of heft – it feels steady and comfortable to use for extended work sessions. Notably, a customizable Microsoft-branded button near the thumb grip and four-way scrolling support provide extra functionality for home and business users. For horizontal scrolling, you simply push the scroll wheel to the left or right, and the feature adds strong value for tasks like scrolling through large images or PDFs. The Sculpt Comfort also has a manufacturer-estimated battery life of nine months, and it uses two AA batteries.

Mouse Design

The scooped shape makes the Microsoft Touch an extremely comfortable mouse to use. It supports your palm if you prefer the palm grip, but it's also small enough to accommodate the fingertip grip. You might find a wireless mouse with a better palm, fingertip or claw grip, but you won't find many mice that accommodate all of them so well. However, the design isn’t ambidextrous, which makes it less than ideal for left-handed users.

Help & Support

Microsoft provides a three-year warranty with the Sculpt Comfort, which is lengthier than comparable Bluetooth mice. You can contact customer support through phone, email or social networking sites like Twitter. In addition, you can download manuals and driver updates through Microsoft’s website. The only support feature that Microsoft’s Sculpt page lacks is a FAQs page. However, this is a simple product that shouldn't require much support.


The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort is among the best Bluetooth mice available. The BlueTrack technology scored high marks on every surface we tested on, including glass. It has five functions with touch-sensitive gestures optimized for Windows 8, though it works great with older Windows versions and Macs. The simple curved shape is also excellent for whatever grip type you prefer. With its strong feature set and equally stellar performance, the Sculpt Comfort is an excellent option for home and business users.

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