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Samsung S Action Review

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PROS / The Action tested well on every surface.

CONS / Its build quality isn’t comparable to that of other midrange Bluetooth mice.

 VERDICT / The Samsung S Action doesn’t have the strongest construction, but it’s a consistent compact wireless mouse that works well on most surfaces.

The Samsung S Action doesn’t feel like much when you hold it in your hand. The plastic shell isn't flimsy, but it isn't especially impressive either. Still, the familiar shape, excellent surface accuracy and functionality make it a steady Bluetooth mouse for home users.

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The Samsung S Action is powered by an optical laser that was an exceptional performer in our benchmarking. In our evaluations, we tested it on laminate, wood, marble, carpet, denim and glass. It scored 85 percent on laminate and carpet, which is average. However, it scored 90 percent on the rest of the surfaces, even glass. You'd be hard pressed to find a wireless mouse that's more accurate at this price point.

  1. This is our cursor accuracy score of the mouse on a glass surface.
    (Higher is Better)
  2. 6 Samsung S Action
  3. 99%
  4. 70%
  5. 0%
  6. Category Average

The mouse has five gesture function keys that allow you to go back a page, switch apps, close apps, zoom in and out, and open menus. However, unlike other Bluetooth mice optimized for the Windows 8 interface, you can also use it in Windows 7 and Windows XP. The functions are just simplified to close, zooming and back functions, which still makes it a versatile Bluetooth mouse.

The Action’s shape is simple and familiar. The ideal grip is the fingertip style, but it can comfortably accommodate the palm or claw style as well. It's small enough to fit into the pocket of a computer bag or backpack, which makes it extremely portable.

Still, its build quality isn’t the most impressive. The top and bottom of the mouse are built from polished plastic, while the sides have a thin faux-leather lining complete with an inexplicable faux seamline. While each mouse button feels responsive in regular use, the mouse doesn’t have a strong feeling of heft and durability.


The Samsung S Action benefits from strong performance and versatility. It's small enough to go wherever you go, and its strong surface accuracy means you can use it almost anywhere. While its construction isn’t among the best we’ve seen for home Bluetooth mice, the Action is a strong enough performer for home and general business applications.

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