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External Blu Ray Drive Reviews

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External Blu Ray Drive Review

Why Buy an External Blu-ray Drive?

The creation of high definition video created the need for a device that could handle an increase in storage and playback of various formats. Thus, the Blu-ray disc was born. It quickly became a popular means for entertainment and could provide users with the needed increase in data storage and the option for playback of a variety of formats. These players were soon seen in selected devices but not everything.

External Blu-ray drives are portable devices which allow the consumer to take Blu-ray technology and enjoy it anywhere or anytime with the use of a computing device. These products are quite simple. They are plugged into a computer, laptop or netbook with a variety of connectors. Watching high definition on your computer is now easily possible.

Many of these entertainment devices are not only ideal for the reading of Blu-ray technology but many external Blu-ray drives have the ability to write this technology onto a disc. These drives enable the user to create numerous high definition video for the world to see. At a quick speed, it enables the user to take the clear, crisp and vivid images and place it on disc that will maintain its quality.

In this site, compare Blu-ray drives like the LaCie d2 Blu-ray 12x, Asus External Blu-ray Combo or the Buffalo MediaStation 6x Portable Blu-ray Writer to see what you may be looking for. Also, don’t forget to read our articles on external blu-ray drives to learn more about these devices.

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External Blu-ray Drive: What to Look For

These portable devices are designed for two things: portability and providing high definition video to its user. While using a computing device, these Blu-ray external optical drives can provide an entertainment that can’t be found everywhere. Below are the criteria that TopTenREVIEWS used to compare these products and ensure a high definition experience with the use of a computer.

Feature Set
The feature set is crucial to the overall design and function of these optical drives. The type of connector used, the number of ports available for connectivity, along with the supported configurations determine the ease of use on one of these devices. The more popular type of connector and the number of ports available reduces the hassle of dealing with unknown cables and multiple chords.

Also, the dimensions of these drives should be considered when looking for an external device. The larger and heavier the product, the more difficult it is to be taken from computer to computer or carried around in a bag all day. The more sleek and slim the device is, the easier it makes your life.

Read/Write Speeds
Nobody wants a device that is slow and lags. These external products read and write data onto Blu-ray, DVD and CD devices at a quick and powerful speed. The higher the speed on the device, the less recording power and disc rotation speed is used to achieve a strong data transfer rate.

Technical Support
Until Blu-ray technology has overtaken the popularity of DVDs, many individuals may not understand how to use these drives. Technical support is important if questions, problems or hardware malfunctions occur so you can assure that your step into the new technological world of high definition is a pleasant experience.

If designed with strong features, high reading and writing speeds, along with a no-hassle technical support, you will have an external hard drive that will offer the best experience using an external Blu-ray drive.