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A dedicated sound card like the HT Omega FENIX can give the audio from your PC a boost. This particular series of sound cards isn't quite as high quality as some other brands that are available on the market, but it's an improvement over the sound card you get with your motherboard.

The Omega FENIX family of sound cards is inexpensive, but it's made of quality cards that deliver up to 105 dB signal-to-noise ratio. This SNR is lower than you expect of a high-end sound card, but it's higher than an on-board sound card. The higher the SNR is, the cleaner the audio is that you hear. The sample rate of this FENIX sound card is 24 bit / 192Khz, which is high enough to reproduce audio that is smoother and more accurate to the original recording.

You also get full surround sound support with these sound cards. So, you can hook up a stereo speaker system with up to eight speakers and get full, rich surround sound, turning your PC into a full-on audio system. It also allows you to switch over to a virtual surround sound option, which lets you use headphones for the same audio immersion experience. It isn't an automatic switch from speakers to headphones, though, so you'll have to manually do it in the software.

HT Omega FENIX sound cards include optical and coaxial outputs, which allows you to add an external amplifier or recorder. And when you transfer audio through this sound card, there's no audio quality loss.

While other premium sound cards offer big software packages for control over various aspects of the sound and quality, as well as recording applications, this sound card from HT Omega includes only what you need. This means you won't fill up your PC's drive with unnecessary software. It also includes an anti-pop circuit, which helps prevent a pop sound from mixing into your audio.

The HT Omega FENIX family of sound cards is a step up from an integrated sound card, and at a lower price than some premium sound cards. You get clearer, cleaner sound from this line of sound cards, thanks to its higher-than-standard SNR and anti-pop circuit.