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SIIG SoundWave Review

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Sound quality is a big deal when you're playing video games, listening to music or watching movies, which so many of us do at our computers. If you have the proper equipment to deliver high-fidelity sound, but the audio that comes through your speakers or headphones sounds flat, dull or lifeless, it could be your sound card. Enter the SIIG SoundWave line of sound cards. These high-end sound cards can transform your audio after a quick 10-minute installation, thanks to 7.1-multichannel support, digital output and fun features.

A dedicated sound card like one of SIIG's SoundWave cards let you bypass your motherboard's included audio card and helps deliver high-quality sound. These sound cards support surround sound for eight speakers, so you get true, immersive audio. If you're using headphones, you get impressive virtual surround sound through just your two speakers.

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Compare these sound cards from SIIG to on-board sound cards and you'll see that there's only a small jump in the signal-to-noise ratio – SoundWave cards offer 92 dB to 118 dB SNR – so the clarity of sound is noticeable if you have good equipment, but perhaps less so with lower-quality speaker systems. You get the option of buying a SoundWave sound card that supports 5.1- or 7.1-multichannel speaker systems; a card with PCI or PCIe connectors; and there are USB options, as well. The USB SoundWave card is a plug-and-play audio adapter that makes it easy to add a digital sound card to your laptop or PC that is an improvement over on-board sound cards.

The software included with SIIG SoundWave sound cards lets you adjust settings so you get the sound you want. In the control panel, you can customize the highs, mids and lows to your liking. The higher frequency, digital support, surround sound support and higher SNR means you get cleaner sound that comes closer to the pure, unfiltered audio of the original recording compared to what is reproduced using an on-board sound card.

Not many sound cards include karaoke functions, but you can find them with SIIG's SoundWave cards. You can shift the key of a song, eliminate vocals from a song and apply mic echo through the software for these sound cards.

Although SIIG SoundWave sound cards are reasonably priced, they perform as well as some more expensive audio cards because of their chipset, digital output, surround sound support and other specifications. If you're looking to upgrade your on-board sound card, a SIIG SoundWave sound card is a good start.

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