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VGA Cable Reviews

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VGA Cable Review

VGA Cables: A Quick Explanation

VGA (Video Graphics Array) originally referred to the specific display hardware for IBM computers in the 1980s. However, now it has come to mean any cable or port with a VGA connector. The 15-pin connection on a VGA cable can transfer a variety of analog video signals (SVGA, XGA, UXGA, etc.) and it is still commonly used in most computer-to-monitor connections. In addition, you will find VGA ports on many newer televisions so you can connect your computer to your HDTV and show pictures, video and more to your friends and family on a large screen.

Our monitor cable reviews will explore the differences between the construction of the various VGA cables and how their physical properties affect their ability to transfer video signals. You'll also find the best computer VGA cable comparisons and reviews as well as articles relating to VGA cables. After our research, we found the Cables Unlimited PCM-2230, the dCables Premium and the StarTech MXT101MMHQ to be the best VGA cables available. Each one of these cables supports high-resolution video signals, offers a variety of lengths, and are backed up with satisfying customer support.

VGA Cables: What to Look For

Although many of the VGA cables may look alike, there are actually subtle differences in each cable that can affect the signal. High-quality cables will transfer the analog video signal without interruption, whereas low-quality cables can cause such issues as ghosting, where an image blurs when there is movement on the screen. As we examined each one of these cables, we were able to rank them according to the criteria below.

This section discusses the physical construction of each VGA cable. For example, some cables are made to support a higher display resolution than others, but they are still able to transfer the lower display resolutions as well. In addition, certain aspects, such as gold-plated HD15 connectors, ferrite beads and shielding, can help improve the connection and prevent external interference to the signal.

Length Options
There are a variety of uses for VGA cables. If you're connecting your computer to a TV, for example, you'll need a longer cable than if you're just connecting your computer to your monitor. It's important that you have a variety of lengths to suit your needs. However, you should be aware that longer cables have more potential for signal deterioration and interference. It is best to get the shortest cable necessary for your setup.

Help & Support
This section takes into account the warranty and customer support supplied by the manufacturer of each monitor cable. It's comforting, when using any technology, to have a support system in case anything goes wrong. We checked each manufacturer's site for email support, phone support, a FAQs page and live chat. Additionally, we looked at the length of the warranty on each VGA cable.

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