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VGA to HDMI Reviews

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VGA to HDMI Review

What is a VGA to HDMI Converter?

VGA to HDMI devices convert a computer's VGA video signal and associated audio to a format that is compatible with modern high-definition televisions. By transforming a signal, these VGA to TV converters allow the user to watch their favorite YouTube videos, play advanced computer games and make graphical business presentations on the large screen of an HDTV. Not limited to just laptops or personal desktop computers, some well-equipped digital HDMI converters can also transform the display signals of the iPad, iPhone, Xbox, netbooks, eReaders, the BlackBerry Smart Phone and a host of other mobile devices.

VGA to HDMI Converter: What to Look For

There are several components to evaluate when considering any type of VGA to HDMI converter. The best converters are operating-system independent. This means they can convert the VGA signal and accompanying audio regardless of the operating system installed on the computer. Moreover, the converter should be easy to set up, simple to use and have multiple display settings.

Our Learning Center contains instructional articles on VGA to HDMI conversion methods. In addition to this educational material, our side-by-side unbiased reviews of the best VGA to HDMI devices may assist you in finding the product that can best meet your audio-visual needs. Below, we show you the other components used to compare VGA to HDMI converters because at TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don't Have To.™

VGA signals are video signals only. They do not contain accompanying audio signals. The VGA converter you purchase should have the ability to transform the VGA signal and integrate any accompanying audio as well. Some users of the HDMI converter may desire a device that features a scaler component. A scaler formats the output HDMI signal for your big-screen, high-definition television. Additionally, you may want your converter to support multiple resolutions. Some digital converter devices only support an output of 720p, which is adequate for most of today's televisions. However, the best digital VGA converters support several input resolutions that can include 1280 by 720 pixels and 1920 by 1080 pixels. Output for these advanced digital HDMI converters can include both 720p and 1080p high-definition television formats.


All good VGA to HDMI converters can seamlessly transform a computer's VGA signal to an HDMI-compatible format that is appropriate for display on a HD-ready television. The digital VGA converter accomplishes this task without altering the original source file's sound quality and video integrity. The HDMI converter should not create pauses, gaps, or noise on the converted output video display.


The converter should come bundled with a few accessories. These often include a comprehensive user manual, VGA to VGA cables, AC power adapter, a 3.5mm audio cable and an HDMI cable. Some manufacturers sell their digital converters without including an HDMI cable in the bundle. When you purchase your digital converter, check what the VGA converter comes bundled with so that you will have everything on hand when your device arrives.

Help & Support
Help and support is an important component of any hardware purchase. Make certain the digital HDMI converter you choose comes with sufficient documentation. Additionally, most manufacturers of digital VGA converters provide their customers with free technical support and device driver updates for a limited period. Look for a product where the manufacturer provides their customers with multiple methods of getting in contact with them should they encounter difficulties with their converter. Phone numbers, email addresses, and online chat are just some of the methods these manufacturers employ.

Some manufacturers supplement their technical support by offering a customer self-help area on their website. Commonly, customer self-help consists of a frequently asked questions (FAQs) area, blogs and a variety of educational articles and tutorials. Above all else, look for a digital HDMI converter that comes with fast, friendly and helpful customer service and support.

No matter what VGA to HDMI device you choose, make certain that the digital HDMI meets your video-audio conversion needs. After a review of the best, our top rated digital converters are Atlona AT-HD500, Unitek Y-6220 and AITech VGA-to-HDMI.