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EzCAP Video Capture 168 Review

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PROS / This cheap and easy-to-use device is compatible with most software and Windows operating systems.

CONS / The help options are unreliable and the product will sometimes suddenly stop working. Be sure to order from certified resellers to ensure a genuine product.

 VERDICT / We do not recommend this product because it is unreliable.

One of the most affordable VHS to DVD converters is the EzCAP Video Capture device. However, true to the saying “you get what you pay for,” this converter is often unreliable and there are almost no help and support options. While it lacks quite a bit in these two areas, it is fairly easy to use when it works, and it’s compatible with every type of video capture software you could think of.

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Like other converters, you can choose to use either S-video or composite cable connections to convert your VHS tapes to DVDs or digital files. It’s not a complex device; it doesn’t include a still-shot image-capture function, but this can be remedied by using the correct software.

  1. How fast your computer's CPU needs to be in order to perform the conversion.
  2. 8 EzCAP Video Capture
    1 GHz
  3. 1.4 GHz
  4. 1 GHz
  5. 1.86 GHz
  6. Category Average
    1.67 GHz

The video editing software included with EzCAP is the near-ubiquitous ArcSoft ShowBiz. The software is excellent; capturing, editing and converting video is nearly painless. While we loved the software, the inefficiency of the EzCAP converter reduced our enthusiasm.

Not only did the EzCAP Video Capture device work with its own software, but it also worked with every other video capture app we could find. We were able to transfer copyrighted material and home videos. The device will also work with DVRs.

After we plugged in our EzCAP Video Capture device, we clicked on the bubble that appeared on the screen to search for drivers. About 50 seconds later, we were able to connect to our computer and transfer videos using a variety of software. We tried installing the device on other computers using the CD with drivers that came with the product and using drivers from the website. Everything worked smoothly without any problems.

The next day we tried the product again with no success. We had to reinstall the drivers for the product to work. Periodically throughout our tests, the device was unrecognized by the computer and would not transfer any data. This problem was consistent across a variety of operating systems and applications. We never lost any data, though, and while downloading the drivers repeatedly was annoying, it was not difficult.

Installing ArcSoft ShowBiz took a few minutes, but it was simple and we were able it instantly use the EzCAP video capture device.

The EzCAP website is cluttered and difficult to navigate. The drivers work well, but for customer support, you have to send an email. Based out of the UK, there is no telephone support or chat available for the United States. The only support offered is a simple Gmail address and a Twitter account. There are some YouTube videos that will tell you more about the software included in the installation process. The company only responds to customers who buy the EzCAP from certified resellers, so if you buy an EzCAP from a third-party vendor, you may not get a response from their customer service.

When we sent an email with a question, we received a response almost immediately, but the response was not easy to understand.


The EzCAP VHS to DVD converter is an affordable tool, but is not very reliable. The device can be difficult to install and there are few customer support options to help you when you do run into problems.

EzCAP Video Capture 168 Visit Site