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EzCAP Video Capture 2 Review

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PROS / The hardware half of this product allows you to capture and digitize the contents of your VHS tapes.

CONS / The software component is antiquated and takes 15 hours to burn a single DVD.

 VERDICT / The hardware component of this converter does the trick, but the software is ineffective, so you'll need to make a separate software purchase to complement the hardware.

Every product in our reviews of the best VHS to DVD converters has two separate components: hardware and software. The hardware side of EzCAP Video Capture works well and can digitize your tapes with relative ease. However, the software leaves a lot to be desired and failed nearly every test we put to it.

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EzCAP’s converter allows you to connect your VCR or other analog video device to your computer and capture footage as it plays in real time. Once you install the drivers, you can use it with any software capable of transferring VHS to digital formats. Most of the best video-editing programs have this ability, and EzCAP works well with them.

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The converter software included with EzCAP Video Capture is ArcSoft ShowBiz, which is a huge disadvantage for this product. ArcSoft ShowBiz is a third-tier conversion program that is grossly out of date, counterintuitive and ineffective. If you choose to buy EzCAP Video Capture, you should also buy a modern video-editing program – you’ll be much happier with the workflow and results.

ArcSoft contains most of the conversion tools we look for in the best VHS to DVD converters. You can trim away unwanted footage after you’ve captured it and add titles, transitions and even some basic effects to your project. The program also gives you the ability to set chapter breaks in your DVD and create a menu. These features are good as far as they go, but they’re completely outweighed by how long it takes this program to produce a finished DVD.

During our testing phase, it took ArcSoft ShowBiz nearly 15 hours to burn a 40-minute DVD. This is simply an unacceptable time for any program to compile, compress and author a DVD, especially one that’s less than an hour in length. The best programs burned the same content in under 10 minutes.

This VHS to DVD converter produced one of the lowest-quality DVDs on our side-by-side comparison chart. Our video experts examined the converted video and noted distortion in nearly all aspects of the picture. Digital blocking issues produced noticeable pixelation in the picture, distortion around the edges of the frame and other imperfections that will distract your audience as they watch the video.

The program does an adequate job of creating a video file or uploading it to the internet. It allows you to export your captured video into seven different file formats as well as upload it directly to YouTube. These are good tools to let you store your videos on your hard drive or share them online with friends and family.


The hardware component of EzCAP Video Capture allows you to capture and digitize the contents of your old VHS tapes. However, you shouldn’t use the bundled software, which will frustrate you and monopolize your computer’s processing power for the better part of a day. If you buy this product, you should also buy better capturing software.

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