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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Reviews

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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Review

Why Buy a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo?

Since a keyboard and mouse are essential to the operation of your PC – whether you're at work or play – an almost infinite number of both are currently available in the marketplace. Although wired peripherals continue to be an option, they really are outdated in today's wireless world. If you're still wrestling with your old corded accessories, you're probably discovering that a wireless keyboard and mouse combo is what you need to accomplish 21st century tasks – from delivering an important presentation, to dominating in online gaming, to accessing home entertainment and media applications in the comfort of your own living room. With a wireless mouse and keyboard, you can say goodbye to those bulky cords that clutter up your workspace and keep you trapped at your desk. When you go wireless you'll have a tidy workspace and the freedom to roam as you wish.

If you think you're ready to replace your old input devices, go for it. Be advised, however, that searching out the right wireless computer keyboard and mouse combo to fit your needs can be like sniffing out the cheese at the end of a researcher's maze. Even though you've narrowed your focus strictly to the wireless category, there are still oodles of combos to sort through on your way to finding the right product for you. To help make your selection a little easier, we’ve researched the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos and created an easy-to-read, side-by-side comparison chart that highlights their strengths and weaknesses. Our favorite combos include the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution, which uses Bluetooth technology, as well as the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 and the Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710, which both operate by way of 2.4 GHz radio frequency. We also have articles on wireless keyboard and mouse combos and some of their unique features to aid in your purchasing decision.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combos: What to Look For

When you're looking for the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo, it's important to remember you're purchasing a paired set. Since you won't have the option to mix and match these computer peripherals, both the keyboard and mouse should have most, if not all, of the features and design elements you need and want. We've reviewed several combos that have stellar keyboards and mice in one package. Each keyboard on our lineup offers wireless freedom and a full-size, standard layout with some distinctive and attractive add-ons. Meanwhile, each accompanying mouse complements and enhances the functionality of its partner with its own outstanding attributes. Once you've determined your technical and personal needs and wants, also be sure to check the following considerations before making your final buying decision.

Above all else, the most important feature in a cordless computer keyboard and mouse combo is the wireless range it offers. Don’t settle for anything less than 30 feet during your search. The whole point of wireless technology is to allow the user to have a mobile office, so those keyboards that boast a range of 10 to 15 feet simply don’t cut it.

For the keyboard, also look for customizable hot keys, long battery life, a battery level indicator and one-touch access controls. Some of the best wireless keyboards, like Logitech’s Cordless Desktop MX 5500, have a tiny LCD screen that can tell the date and time, play your music and access the calculator right from the keyboard. When it comes to the mouse, look for a rechargeable base or an on/off switch to save battery power. Also look for a snap-on receiver, programmable buttons and laser technology for accurate tracking on almost any surface.

A wireless keyboard and mouse can make a fashion statement as well as say something about you. A slim and sleek exterior can reflect your modern sensibilities, while a durable, spill-resistant keypad and quiet, light-touch keys that can keep up with the way you work communicate that you're serious about having the right tool for the job. For those who work at a computer all day every day, an ergonomic design is crucial to maintaining the health of your hands and wrists. Look for a combo that has a keyboard that is adjustable with a built-in palm rest. You'll also want an ergonomic mouse with a comfortable fit. The best mice have a scroll wheel between the first and second buttons that allows for fast scrolling when you have to get through hundreds of pages or thousands of spreadsheet rows as well as click-to-click action when you're moving line by line through lists or sorting through images.

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Plug-and-play functionality is a crucial feature to look for in a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Installing additional drivers or software is a step you shouldn’t have to deal with. The best keyboard and mouse combos don’t require anything other than an available USB port and an initial sync between the computer, keyboard and mouse. The top combos are also compatible with a range of operating systems, allowing the products to be truly portable from computer to computer.

Wireless technology means you can have a pristine computer setup with the least amount of cords possible. Gone are the days of being tethered to your computer by mouse and keyboard. Experience the freedom of wireless with one of the top wireless keyboard and mouse combos.