There is an extensive selection of HP wireless keyboards, including budget, no-frills models and multimedia editions. It's important to note that some models are only compatible with specific electronic devices, so check for compatibility before you purchase one. You can find both full-size desktop models and compact portable HP keyboards. These wireless keyboards are best-suited for light to moderate home and business use, as they don’t have features that appeal to gamers and some power users.

The majority of the wireless keyboards made by HP use 2.4GHz radio frequency, or RF, wireless technology to connect to your computer, and they do so with a nano USB RF receiver. Some of the portable models use Bluetooth. With Bluetooth connectivity, these portable models can connect to a wider variety of devices than the RF models, and they don’t tie up a USB port. Still, their compact nature isn't always optimal for intensive work sessions. HP wireless keyboards don't have USB pass-throughs, but some models do have audio jacks you can use to connect your headset to your keyboard.

Most HP wireless models have scissor key switches that make for even, consistent keystrokes and solid tactile response. The keyboards are generally low profile, and this is particularly true of the portable models. However, some of the full-size models have standard-profile keys that have more key travel but greater tactile response and resistance. HP’s full-size wireless keyboards have well-spaced 10-key number pads, so they are good for people who enter a lot of numeric data. Because their keys are durable and provide good tactile response, these keyboards are good for touch-typists and general users and can cope with rigorous daily use.

While most portable models and budget full-size keyboards from HP don't have any special keys, you can find some with programmable function keys. Some have Windows hotkeys, as well as dedicated media keys, and some models allow you to reprogram their hotkeys.

Some of the full-size HP wireless keyboards have a few ergonomic features, including palm rests and adjustable legs. There are also some spill-resistant models available, so you can quench your thirst while you work without worrying about accidental spills. HP wireless keyboards aren't designed for gamers, so they don’t have high polling rates, anti-ghosting, saveable profiles or backlighting. However, they can cope with daily use and offer robust, consistent performance.