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Pros / The automatic backup feature is great.

Cons / You can't set a backup schedule.

 Verdict / If this is your first external hard drive, you will be satisfied with the ease of use and feature offerings, but it can be limiting for experienced users.

The C2 Desktop external hard drive looks deceivingly like a portable external hard drive. Weighing only a pound, the C2 Desktop is the lightest desktop hard drive you can find. Its manufacturer, Clickfree, boasts that every function of the drive is easy. While that's true, it's mostly because it lacks much of the advanced functionality you'll see in better external hard disks. It works great as a plug-and-play product. When you are transferring files, the process is easy, but a few features are missing that would make it one of the best external hard drives.

The C2 Desktop works across the board on any Windows operating system, including Windows 8 and Mac operating systems. Clickfree offers this drive in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB models. Because of its plastic casing and low weight, this product feels more fragile than the competing desktop external hard drives, which commonly double the weight of the C2 Desktop.

Each time you plug this device into your computer, a prompt screen opens up and starts a timer that, if left untouched, automatically backs up all of your current files. This automatic backup feature makes the device nicely low maintenance. You have the option to interrupt the timer and customize what files, songs and videos you want backed up. The preloaded software is as simple as you can get, so it's great for first-time desktop external hard drive owners.

Another positive of this drive is the simplicity of restoring previously backed-up files to any computer. Once you choose to restore files, the software automatically has every box checked for a full restore. At this point, you just unclick what you don't need restored and choose what files to transfer.

In terms of features, the design is incredibly basic. The LED indicator barely registers, and there is no on/off switch to conserve power when it's not in use. Instead, you'll have to unplug it from the computer and the AC outlet. Also, Clickfree's software doesn't allow you to schedule backups.

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While it may be the lightest, the C2 Desktop is not the best desktop external hard drive. It revels in simplicity, which is good for first-time buyers, but anyone who wants more advanced functionality will be disappointed. The C2 Desktop is a decent external hard drive that lacks some of the advanced features you see in the best external hard drives.

Clickfree C2 Desktop 1TB Version Visit Site