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Samsung D3 Station 2TB Version Review

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PROS / You can get several models of this drive, all the way up to 4TB.

CONS / This drive has fewer security features than we like to see.

 VERDICT / The Samsung D3 Station is a good desktop external hard drive that has a handful of minor flaws – which don't keep it from handling data storage and backup well.

The Samsung D3 Station is a good desktop external hard drive overall. Underneath the black plastic enclosure is a Seagate hard disk drive. Seagate acquired Samsung's hard drive division a while back, and it's continued to use the brand. That's not a bad thing, as Seagate's drives are generally well regarded. The D3 Station doesn't disappoint in its design, even if it's nothing special to look at, but it falls short in a couple of other areas. This keeps it from being among the very best external hard drives on the market.

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In order to make sure that you don't lose any of the data on your computer, it's always smart to back it up. The D3 Station makes a great backup drive. With the included software, you can customize your backup options, choosing which files should be saved on the external hard disk. You can also schedule times when the drive should automatically start backing up your designated files. This removes much of the tedium in making sure your data is safe. The D3 Station doesn't have a sleep mode, though, so it will always be running, which can shorten the device's life span.

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When you need extra storage space for your data, it's hard to complain when you have the option of 2TB, 3TB or 4TB. You probably won't be able to fill up the drive right away, unless you have a couple of decades' worth of data. The D3 Station is compatible with USB 3.0, which makes transferring your data much faster than it is with USB 2.0. Unfortunately, there isn't an on/off switch to give you direct control over when the drive is on and using power. Of course, you can always unplug the drive, but it's still an unfortunate oversight.

We were disappointed in the security options that the D3 Station provides. You can schedule automatic backups and encrypt files and folders, and those features are well implemented. However, you can't set a password lock on the drive, and there aren't any built-in diagnostics or a security slot. None of these missing features are critical, but the more security options you have to choose from, the better.


The Samsung D3 Station doesn't really excel in any category. It's a good external hard drive, but it lacks some of the security features that we like to see in the best desktop external hard drives. You should also note the lack of a sleep mode and on/off switch. Mostly, though, the flaws in the D3 Station aren't major, and the functionality of the external hard is unimpaired, which means that the D3 Station is still a decent option for data storage and backup.

Samsung D3 Station 2TB Version Visit Site