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Pros / It has rapid recognition time.

Cons / It offers no backup software or password protection to keep your files secure.

 Verdict / Sleek and stylish, the G-Force 3 external hard drive offers rapid plug-and-play functionality, but the lack of automatic backup or a rugged design makes it inconvenient compared to most drives.

Fantom Drive's G-Force 3 by Micronet external hard drive for PC and Mac is lightweight and sleek in design. Equipped with USB 3.0 technology, it comes in models ranging in storage space from 500GB to 2TB. However, it offers no protective casing, data backup software or even basic security encryption, so it's less durable and secure than other external hard drives.

The G-Force 3 comes with a USB 3.0 cable that connects to your computer. The USB 3.0 technology is also compatible with computers with USB 2.0 ports, enabling you to use it with older computers and laptops. The drive recognition time, which is how long it takes for your computer to recognize the external drive once you plug it in via USB, is only 6.5 seconds. This speed is about average for the hard drives in our lineup.

Some of the best external hard drives come with backup software and security encryption. These standout features are absent in the G-Force 3, which lacks any preloaded software to schedule automated backups. It works with third-party backup software, but without this, it requires you to manually click and drag items to save them to the drive. It also lacks any features that let you password-protect it, which means anyone who gains access to it can also view your saved files.

Also absent are any protective design features to keep your data safe from loss or damage in the event you accidentally drop the hard drive or expose it to the elements. As a precaution, it's best to use the G-Force 3 only indoors and to handle it with care, as it lacks the durability of the best external hard drives.

You can find support for the G-Force 3 on the Micronet website, including a FAQs database for troubleshooting. There is no customer support available by phone, and you have to submit an online ticket instead of an email to be contacted for issue resolution. Micronet's one-year limited warranty is the shortest among all of the portable hard drives we reviewed. Most of the other external hard drives in our top 10 have three-year warranties.

  • Largest Available Capacity
  • Warranty
  • Weight
  1. Higher capacities can store more data.
    More is Better.
  2. 10  G-Force
    2.0 TB
  3. 1  LaCie
    2.0 TB
  4. 4.0 TB
  5. 3.0 TB
  6. Category Average
    2.3 TB


The G-Force 3 is a basic external hard drive in both performance and design. Lacking the protective casing of more rugged external hard drives, it is best suited for indoor use, which limits its portability and convenience. It comes with no backup software or data encryption to protect your files, but it performs capably with respect to recognition time and the basic functions of an external hard drive.

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