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Corsair Force Series GS Review

PROS / This solid-state drive has a great life expectancy and several capacity options.

CONS / Many of Corsair's help and support options are limited to registered users.

 VERDICT / The Corsair Force Series GS is one of the fastest solid-state drives available.

If you want the fastest solid-state drive on the market, the Corsair Force Series GS should be your first choice. Powered by a SandForce controller with toggle NAND flash component technology, this SATA III solid-state drive performs at exceptionally high speeds and allows you instant access to all of your data. It is also extremely reliable and, like all solid-state drives, highly unlikely to malfunction due to electrical or mechanical failure. Add on a solid list of capacity options, and it's easy to issue the Corsair Force Series GS solid-state drive our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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  1. Potential sequential read speeds
    Megabytes per second (More is better)
  2. 3 Corsair Force Series GS
    560 MB/s
  3. 560 MB/s
  4. 550 MB/s
  5. Category Average
    524.55 MB/s


A SandForce controller operates the Corsair Force Series GS solid-state drive. SandForce, once known as the bane of any SSD user's existence, has become a trustworthy and reliable name in the marketplace. This is coupled with toggle NAND flash component technology utilizing a SATA III interface, which is the latest and greatest tech available for these devices. The SATA III interface is backwards compatible with SATA II, allowing you to hook the device up to older systems. Along these same lines, the Corsair Force Series GS SSD comes with a 3.5-inch mounting kit. While this is a 2.5-inch form factor drive, the mounting kit allows you to mount it into just about any hard drive bay.

This SSD is a little heavier than most, weighing in at around 100 grams, and it is 7 mm tall. However, the size should not be a concern; this is still much smaller than any traditional hard disk drive you may plan to replace with it. This drive is also RoHS compliant, and features S.M.A.R.T. and TRIM support. Many SSDs now include TRIM support, which allows you to rid the drive of any lingering index files or unnecessary data.


The Corsair Force Series GS solid-state drive performs exceptionally well. It is one of the fastest SSDs available. In sequential read tests, this drive reaches speeds of up to 560 MBps, and sequential write speeds of up to 535 MBps. The true measure of a solid-state drive's ability, however, comes from the random write test, where the Corsair Force Series GS SSD clocks in speeds of up to 92,000 IOPS, or Input Operations per Second.

These speeds are very impressive and allow you to read and write data on the drive quickly and effectively. Of equal importance is the seek time on this drive of around 0.1 milliseconds. This translates to almost instantaneous access to your data. If you need to find something fast, the Corsair Force Series GS is your ally, allowing you to sift through gigabytes of data in moments.

This solid-state drive is also extremely reliable. SSDs, unlike traditional hard disk drives, do not have any moving components, and are therefore much less likely to crash due to mechanical failure. Furthermore, this drive features 1,500 G of shock resistance, and a life expectancy of 2 million hours. If you were to use this drive for eight hours a day every day, it would last over 70 years.


Corsair offers several capacity options for the Force Series GS solid-state drive. You can choose from 128, 180, 240, 360 or 480GB options. If you are looking for a large capacity solid-state drive for regular use, the 480GB model may meet your demands, but if you're looking to store large HD video or multimedia files, you may find that a 480GB drive fills up far too quickly.

Furthermore, you may simply need a solid-state drive for use as a primary boot drive, and plan on using a traditional hard disk drive for data storage and access. This can speed up your computer's performance significantly, but you don't need a lot of space on an SSD to do it. The 128GB option may seem small, but there are other smaller and cheaper SDD options that can handle the job. We would have liked to see a 60GB or smaller capacity option for the Corsair Force Series GS.

Ease of Installation

Installing the Corsair Force Series GS is very simple. It requires no special software or tricks. With the included 3.5-inch mounting kit, hooking it into any computer via a SATA connection on the motherboard is a snap. From there, simply download the correct drivers and firmware for the device, and you'll be good to go.


Help & Support

Corsair has several help and support options available to assist you with your new solid-state drive. If you need to speak directly to a representative, you can reach them by telephone or email. The company also offers several helpful features online, including a FAQs section and community forum, in which you will find a history of driver and firmware updates for Corsair SSDs. However, before you can access any of Corsair's online content, you must register on the website. This is a minor inconvenience, but competing manufacturers do not require this prior to accessing their online help resources. This solid-state drive also comes with a three-year warranty.


The Corsair Force Series GS is exceptionally fast, and is a great choice for a solid-state drive. Its ability to quickly read and write files, as well as to seek data in a matter of moments, makes it an excellent addition to any computer. Capacity options are good, and Corsair offers plenty of help and support if you need it. The Corsair Forces Series GS is an excellent solid-state drive.

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