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Kingston HyperX 3K Review

PROS / This solid-state drive features leading sequential read and write speeds.

CONS / The life expectancy is lower than many competing drives, and it is a little heavy.

 VERDICT / The Kingston HyperX is the gamer's choice for a solid-state drive, and performs well.

The Kingston HyperX solid-state drive is a good choice for upgrading your outdated tech. Solid-state drives like the Kingston HyperX feature NAND flash component technology that eliminates moving parts in a hard drive. This gets rid of many possible complications that moving parts can cause, along with providing faster access times and virtually silencing the device.

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The HyperX features a SandForce controller with MLC technology. SandForce is a reliable name in solid-state drives and performs well. This SSD has a form factor of 2.5 inches, but it comes with a 3.5-inch mounting kit for ease of installation. However, the HyperX is a bit larger than many other SSDs at 9.5 millimeters and 130 grams.

  1. Potential sequential read speeds
    Megabytes per second (More is better)
  2. 5 Kingston HyperX
    555 MB/s
  3. 560 MB/s
  4. 550 MB/s
  5. 560 MB/s
  6. Category Average
    524.55 MB/s

This solid-state drive features sequential read and write speeds of up to 555 MBps and 510 MBps, respectively. This is a very impressive figure for SSDs and ranks among the highest of the drives we reviewed. Furthermore, the random write speed of this device tops out at 86,000 IOPS (Input Operations per Second). Like most of the best solid-state drives, the Kingston HyperX features seek times of 0.1 ms or less, making the time spent finding data on the device virtually unnoticeable.

Like most solid-state drives, the Kingston HyperX has shock resistance up to 1500G. One area in which the HyperX could stand to improve is its life expectancy, which tops out at 1 million hours. While this is certainly still good, many other SSDs last significantly longer.

The HyperX is available in capacities of 120, 240 and 480GB. A few more capacity options would be nice for this drive. Furthermore, 480GB is much less than the maximum capacity available from competing manufacturers. However, Kingston manages to offer these sizes at a very competitive cost.

Kingston has good help and support options available if you need help with your new solid-state drive. Email and telephone support are available via their website, where you can also find a helpful FAQs section and available firmware updates for their devices. Unfortunately, Kingston doesn't offer an online community forum for users to discuss potential problems. However, they do have a portal that houses links to their social networking sites, as well as several videos featuring professional gamers demonstrating anything from the utility of a Kingston SSD to Starcraft strategies. While this certainly won't be helpful to everyone, Kingston clearly knows how to reach its target audience.


The Kingston HyperX is a nice choice for a solid-state drive. It offers competitive read/write times and all the benefits of NAND and MLC flash component technology. The SandForce controller performs well and you won't have to worry about compatibility with your machine. A longer life expectancy and lighter weight would have benefitted this SSD, but it is still a good option.

Kingston HyperX 3K Visit Site