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ADATA DashDrive Elite UE700 32GB Review

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PROS / The excellent read speeds mean that accessing content on the drive is very fast.

CONS / The poor write speeds mean that it takes longer to transfer data to this drive.

 VERDICT / The ADATA UE700 is great for accessing and viewing content, but terrible for running applications or an operating system.

The ADATA DashDrive Elite UE700's name is quite a mouthful, but this USB flash drive is a good option. The UE700 comes with ADATA's Elite software suite, which gives you access to security features like password protection and 256-bit AES encryption. These are good to have, but the important thing to consider is the drive's performance – and that's all over the place.

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After all of our testing, we noticed really great performance in some areas and abysmal performance in others. So, let's look at the good first. The UE700 averaged 186MBps in our sequential read tests. That's pretty snappy for a flash drive, allowing you to stream HD videos from the UE700 quite nicely. The UE700 also performs remarkably well in 512K read, with 154MBps.

  1. Read speeds above 200MBps are excellent, 150MBps are fair and anything less than 100MBps is poor.
    Higher is better.
  2. 8 ADATA DashDrive Elite
    185.7 MBps
  3. 179.1 MBps
  4. 207.5 MBps
  5. 147.6 MBps
  6. Category Average
    182.11 MBps

Since the ADATA UE700 is pretty great at read speeds, if you just want to access information that's stored on the drive, you'll be fine. However, the drive's write speeds aren't as impressive. With a sequential write speed of 41MBps, the UE700 is close to the bottom in our flash drive comparison. When transferring a large file from your computer to the drive, like an HD movie, the UE700 performs worse than many of the other drives we looked at.

Where the UE700 really disappoints is 4K random write. On average, it maintained 0.1MBps. This is miserable compared to the best flash drives, which get upward of 8MBps. This means that running applications or an operating system off of this flash drive will give you very poor performance.

The UE700 is a good-looking USB stick. It's made of plastic, but it feels durable with little flex. The slide mechanism works well, though you do have to press firmly to ensure the USB 3.0 port slides out. There's a loop on the end of the drive that allows you to put the entire thing on a key chain.

You can get the UE700 in four different storage capacities: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Keep in mind that larger storage capacities usually perform better than smaller ones. So, if you have the money to buy the 128GB version, you should definitely do so.


The ADATA UE700 is a good USB stick if you want to view content that's stored on it. However, transferring data to the drive takes longer than it would on most of the other drives on our lineup. This drive excels in some areas and falls flat in others, like 4K write performance. You certainly don't want to run applications or an operating system off of it. The UE700 is not the best USB flash drive, but it is still a viable option.

ADATA DashDrive Elite UE700 32GB Visit Site