Pros / You can choose from five different storage capacities, all the way up to 128GB.

Cons / There isn't any password protection or encryption tools.

 Verdict / The Mushkin Ventura Plus is a good USB flash drive for casual use, but it lacks the best features.

The Mushkin Ventura Plus is a good USB flash drive that has average performance but lacks many features of the best USB flash drives. You can get the Ventura Plus in capacities that range from 8GB all the way up to 128GB. This is an excellent range that gives you a lot of choices. If you like to store and transfer HD video, you'll definitely want the largest size you can get. At about 80 cents per gigabyte, the Ventura Plus isn't all that pricey.

We were happy with the Ventura Plus' sequential read speed, which averaged 191MBps during our testing. This is slightly above average on our lineup, and it translates into fast file transfers off of the USB drive. When moving files onto the flash drive, you'll be subject to the much more limited sequential write speed of 47MBps. That's slower than we'd like, but still substantially faster than USB 2.0 flash drives.

The Ventura Plus isn't a good option for running applications or an operating system. Its 4K random read and write speeds aren't impressive. The 6MBps 4K read speed is decent, but the 4K write speed of 0.03MBps is just too slow.

You won't get any sort of password protection or encryption tools with this USB flash drive. While some people prefer a drive that doesn't have any pre-installed software, it's just not a good idea to leave your data unprotected. A password-protected device is fairly secure and keeps others out of your files.

Mushkin includes a two-year warranty with the Ventura Plus, during which time you can send the drive back if there are any manufacturer defects or the drive fails under normal use. This is a somewhat short warranty compared to the flash drives that offer a five-year or even a lifetime warranty. You can contact Mushkin through email or by phone.

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  • Large Data Read Speed
  • Large Data Write Speed
  • Medium Data Read Speed
  • Medium Data Write Speed
  • Small Data Read Speed
  • Small Data Write Speed
  • File Encryption Score
  • Price Per Gigabyte
  1. Read speeds above 200MBps are excellent, 150MBps are fair and anything less than 100MBps is poor.
    Higher is better.
  2. 10  Mushkin Ventura
    191.0 MBps
  3. 179.1 MBps
  4. 207.5 MBps
  5. 147.6 MBps
  6. Category Average
    182.11 MBps


Even though the Mushkin Ventura Plus is not the best flash drive on the market, it's reasonably priced and offers decent performance. The wide range of capacity sizes is great. However, the poor 4K random read and write performance are disheartening, and the lack of password protection and encryption tools is a major setback. Still, the Ventura Plus is a good USB flash drive that works well for basic data transfer and short-term storage.

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