DVD Compression

What is DVD compression?
Even though you're DVD movies fits on a single DVD you still need to compress the DVD when ever you make a backup copy of your DVD movie. You would think that your blank DVD would hold the entire movie but in reality a DVD movie is huge when it's uncompressed. The motion picture industry developed a standards format called MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) for compressing DVD's.

What is the standard DVD compression format?
Most DVD copy software use MPEG-2 format for DVD compression. It is the most widely used format for backing up DVDs. All DVD players contain MPEG-2 decoders making it easy to view your DVD compressed movie on any DVD player. When using DVD compression software the MPEG decoder will decide what compression format to use when it analyzes the movie file. Once it decides what compression format to use, it will information from the frames on the DVD movie to help reduce the overall size of the files.

DVD compression for VCD
If you creating a VCD from DVD compression you will be using MPEG-1 compression format. MPEG-1 format will allow you to create a VCD CD that can be played on most PC's with a CD player. The video will be either 320 X 240 NTSC or 320 X 288 PAL video resolution. A DVD is usually 720 X 480 NTSC and 720 X 576 PAL video resolution, as you can see you will lose some quality.

DVD compression to SVCD
This form of DVD compression is similar to VCD except your compressed DVD will be MPEG-2 format. When you perform DVD compression to SVCD you can fit the compressed movie on one single CD and the video resolution of NTSC and PAL will be 480 X 480 NTSC and 480 X 576 PAL. This will give you a better picture quality then VCD and slightly less then the original DVD. Just like VCD you can play an SVCD on any PC as long as the player has an MPEG-2 decoder.

DVD compression to DVD
This is the ideal way to compress a DVD. Not only is easy to do with the proper software, it's also the best way to backup your DVD movies while maintaining the same quality. With most DVD copy software, you'll be able to copy the DVD movie even though it still has the CSS encryption, and you'll be able to copy the complete movie on one DVD. There are however some DVD burning programs that require two or more DVDs to copy your original DVD.

Not all DVD copy software can compress a DVD move to all the different DVD compression formats. To see the features of the different DVD copy software and a side-by-side comparison of the top DVD copy software products then visit our website to read our experts opinions.

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