Transferring data over the airwaves instead of through a cord is becoming more the norm than the exception these days. One of these great innovations is in the field of wireless earbuds. You can now have headphones that are not physically attached to your phone or other playback device. They connect via Bluetooth technology and here are the top 5 reasons you need a pair.

#5   Technology is fun! I m not kidding. There is some inherent, beautiful pleasure that you can take from playing with the latest and greatest. It s not just so your kids or friends think you re a hipster. If something truly is the  latest and greatest  it s because it does something that couldn t be done before. It should simplify your life and that s worth enjoying.

#4   You Hate Cords. No one wants to feel like a dog on a leash even when they re booming their favorite classic rock song. Cords trip you up and when they snag and you ll have your headphones unexpectedly ripped off your head. That s the worst feeling. Cords even freeze in cold air. Besides some of these more obvious reasons, it s just common sense that the more moving parts there are in any device, the more things there are that may go wrong. With wireless you can have one less to worry about. Why not eliminate that problem and say goodbye to cords forever.

#3   It s not 1990. We re well past the revolutionary Walkman and first iPod. Yeah, we re talking a little about being cool, but mostly you need to remember that being current on tech has advantages. For instance, the best way to utilize these wireless earbuds is with a smartphone. This way you can switch between taking calls and listening to tunes. Obviously, you ll need a device that can transmit a Bluetooth signal. Something every smartphone and iPhone can handle.

#2   The sound compromise is minute. It s true that wireless sound is still not quite as good as wired. But listen, things are better. Not long ago Bluetooth 2.1 could only send 2 Mbps (megabits per second). That was not nearly enough for clean, strong sound. But with Bluetooth 3.0, and now 4.0 released, your Bluetooth listening device will receive 26 Mbps. The difference is enormous. There are more subtle specifications that will measure your listening quality but, by and large, your new Bluetooth earbuds will be more than good enough to sing along to while you do chores or anything else.

#1   They re particularly awesome for someone with an active lifestyle. Whether you re a 15-year-old who listens to classic emo-rock while skateboarding, a retiree who wants to play audio books while working in the garden, a mom doing laundry or a running enthusiast training for a marathon, you will find the right pair of Bluetooth earbuds indispensable. Many are sweat proof and all will take calls as well as play music. So, no matter what you re doing, you can stay in touch. If you head to the gym, you don t even have to keep the phone in your pocket or arm. You can just set it down somewhere and go about your routine. As long as you re within 30 or so feet, you ll stay connected.

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