Flying remote control helicopters is a popular hobby among young and old alike. If you own one, you know how fun it can be to fly it through the air and perform cool tricks. However, without upgrades, your basic remote control helicopter may no longer excite you. Its functions are limiting to advanced users. Alternatively, you may want to customize it to suit your interests. So, here are some ways that you can modify your helicopter in order to make it fly higher and faster, and improve its overall performance.

Change Battery Type

Did flying your helicopter disappoint you when the batteries died after only 15 minutes? Controllers can drain battery life quickly. By switching to rechargeable batteries, you can fly your remote helicopter for longer periods of time, and it helps to reduce the cost. Using nickel-metal hydride batteries allows for longer flight time with each charge than is possible with disposable AA batteries. And if you always have a set in the charger, when the batteries in the helicopter run out you can switch them for the full ones and continue the fun.

Upgrade Basic Parts

One of the simplest ways to modify your remote control helicopter is to upgrade its parts. Such things as the tail rotors, landing skids and rotor blades are often easy to upgrade. Many remote helicopter brands continually offer new and improved parts that are very accessible. These easy modifications not only increase the performance of your helicopter, but also improve its durability.

Add a GPS

Add GPS as another easy modification you can make to your helicopter to enhance its capabilities. This is a fantastic way for you to track your helicopter s location and altitude. Some GPS systems provide controls that can hold the helicopter s position and return it to its location of origin.

Add a Camera

Adding a camera to your remote control helicopter is a simple way to add some fun to your flying experience. By making this modification, you will have the advantage of viewing what your helicopter sees as it is flying around. Some cameras can send live feedback to a transmitter, allowing you to see what the helicopter is flying over in real time. These cameras have a range of 200-300 meters.

Adjust the Center of Gravity

A helicopter s center of gravity is forward of the rotor mast; this is why helicopters fly forward. An easy and simple modification to make your helicopter fly forward faster is to place more weight on the front of it. For small toy helicopters, all you need to do is place squares of foil tape to the helicopter s nose. You can even attach a paper clip to the front of the chopper. This will create a greater change in the center of gravity.

A basic remote control helicopter typically flies, dives and circles overhead   and frighteningly close to your friends' heads   for a brief bit of fun. More excitement comes through making a few quick and easy modifications to your helicopter. These alterations improve performance, increase durability, and can make an old toy new again.

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