Many things are done on smartphones these days that can make your life or routine easier, including keeping track of your belongings. Whether you want to keep your car keys from disappearing or keep your child from walking away from you at the park, there are smartphone apps that help you do that. The FOBO Tag smartphone app uses wireless Blutooth technology, which works in conjunction with small circular devices you can purchase, and it helps you keep track of your personal belongings or even your child, pet, or another loved one.

Using the device and app combination is simple, and it's an excellent way to keep tabs on the things you misplace often or simply just need to keep an eye on. After downloading the FOBO Tag smartphone app, all you have to do is place a FOBO Tag device inside an item or attach it to an item or loved one that you want to monitor and set the appropriate notification for it with the app. There are many things you can use the FOBO Tag app and associated device for, but here are the top five uses.

5. Car Keys
Misplacing car keys is a common problem for most individuals, but with the FOBO Tag device attached to your key ring, you'll always be able to locate them when you need to run out the door. The device comes ready to easily attach it to a key fob or key ring, and it is small enough that it won't get in the way of other keys.

4. Car Location
Have you ever parked your car at the airport or in another large parking lot just to realize when you get back to the lot   days or even just hours later   that you can't remember where you parked it? Well, don't fret; you'll no longer have to walk around for an hour to locate your car. You can place the FOBO Tag device inside your car and use the app's FindME feature to locate it when you need to.

3. Luggage
After a long airplane ride, the last thing you want to do is stand at the over-crowded baggage claim to wait for your luggage. The FOBO Tag device could be your best friend in this situation. Simply place the device in your luggage and set the app's PromptME feature to set off an alarm on your smartphone when your luggage is near you   that way you will be ready and focused when it comes up into the baggage claim.

2. Pet
A dog, cat or other animal isn't just a pet, but a member of the family. Losing a pet can be devastating. Pets can and do run off, and that's where the FOBO Tag device and smartphone app can come into play. Simply attach the FOBO Tag device to your pet's collar, and if your animal goes missing, you'll be able to locate your furry friend easily and quickly.

1. Loved One
A crowded park or public place can be a nerve-wracking situation for a parent and their children. Even letting your child play in the front yard can become a dangerous situation, since children can wander away or even get kidnapped. Additionally, if you care for an elderly relative with any dementia or cognitive impairment, them wandering off is likely on your list of worries. The FOBO Tag device comes with a small case and strap for the device, which can be used to attach around the wrist of a loved one. This will make them easy to locate if they venture outside of a SafeZone   a distance that you set within the smartphone app.

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