TV technology constantly evolves. Black-and-white to color, CRT to flat screens and now we may be in store for the next development of TVs   the curved screen. In a few years, will the best LED TVs be curved? Or will curved screens become a fad like 3D technology? Let's dive in a little deeper.

What are the benefits of curved TVs? A curved TV screen adds a theatrical element to your home theater system. Most movie theater screens are curved. You can see the curvature on iMax screens, for example. The curved screen wraps around you to create an immersive experience. The curve also pulls the back of the screen farther from the projector, which evens out the throw distance throughout the screen and reduces the distorting pincushion effect. This actually makes the image appear more realistic than on a flat screen. The curvature also creates wider viewing angles since the screen bends toward viewers looking in from the opposite side. Curved TVs are trying to take advantage of this same technology to improve your home theater.

But does the curved screen deliver all that it promises? The wider range of viewing angles is up for debate. Some viewers sitting off center lose part of the screen s effectiveness. And if you re watching from an especially acute side angle, the curve might actually block part of the screen. The total immersion is actually interrupted because some images are not seen with straight-on viewing. Part of the reason iMax movie screens are effective is because the screens are gigantic! Sure, some curved TVs run over 100 inches   however, those will also cost as much as a new car. TVs in the 55 to 70-inch range are a little more palatable for the pocket book, but those sizes, which are desirable in flat screen TVs, may be too small to benefit from the curve.

Curved TVs are still a little too pricey for the average consumer. Early adopters with disposable income are the only buyers so far. So, what is the main benefit of a curved TV? It looks cool. Curved TVs are an expensive decoration for a designer living room. There is a certain curiosity to the cutting-edge design, and being the first one on the block could make you a very popular person. Curved technology still needs some work   only time will tell if it becomes the next evolution of LED TVs or just another fad.

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